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Hey very very interesting!!!!myself i'm creating a skype account now!!!!!!!


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Hey u gotta try classical pieces...u definitely will enjoy!!!!!!


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Ear training is by far one of the most effective and useful ways of translating and expressing music.However, if u're able to hear and play but can't understand music theory, u're at a great loss...


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Every line filled with flesh,characterised by emotions and delicate feelings.A story of a naive thus rebellious daughter and a loving and forgiving father. Beautifully written.


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Gripping and so real!!!!Love the contrast at the beginning and the end!!!!


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The introduction into the body is so mature and grand!!!!Beautiful!!!Beautiful!!!!

got no suggestions yet but would very much like to be ur friend.


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was completely lost and oblivious to my surroundings whiles watering my eyes on this narrative.never heard of the song though but love the style of writing.Keep it up and God bless!!!


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don't know how to add songs to my songbook.can anybody help me, please?


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sometimes i get so frustrated i simply wished i was in another world where the trees blossomed with love and the flowers budded into everlasting affection.i get so frustrated b'cos i think and feel love is depleting from our world!