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Looking for an acoustic act to back up with my 3 piece congas, I don't have a Latin sound, more into classic rock, my sound is solid with a flair, the audience likes to watch me, sounds pompous but everyone relates to percussion, it looks easy, I also play guitar, piano and have a eric Burdon type voice call Barry at 561-541-7663 West Palm Beach Fl.


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It may be a "rude question in the mundane world, being a musician is an ageless fraternity, at 57 I'm alot like you at 14, just broke up with my girlfriend, got the blues, re-inspired to play my guitar and stuff like that, There is a saying, a good artist borrows, a great artist steels! Enjoy the journey, mine is far from over as far as playing, I'm a professional drummer which just means I get paid for it, it dosent mean I'm better than the next guy. Bands and audiences are looking for a sound, it's sorta like food, you don't know why you like or dislike something, you just do. This is where the older guys give advice.... don't over play, don't compete with volume, be passionate and have fun. your ole pal Barry