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gag1951 wrote:

Newbie "gag1951" here just to say hello. At the moment I am learning to play and have mastered a few chords on my Yamaha erg121c. The Mrs. bought me the guitar for my birthday last year and I am planning to upgrade to a baja telecaster early in 2010. The Son has a Gibson Les Paul and he is keeping me right at the moment ! Great to be a member of this forum and look forward to many happy times here.



i wish you best of luck
i am not well in this sector
but i have very much interest
just i want to say try well
remember that there is a way, where is a will.


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i am 20 years old but i had get much pressure.
my father has died so i have to suffer a lot
i have sister and my mother and me this our family
i have to mantain my family.
but i am happy.


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realy she is not very old
my grandmother has died and my father has died a few days ago
but my grandfather is still alive.
and he can walk,
eat well and pray.
just he has hearing problem. he hs cross 90 years.