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love it love it,great conversation     


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i`ve been having a conversation
about my observation
about rhyme
should it happen all the time
you say yes i say no
one of these days
i`ll change my ways
but on reflection
and at your direction
perhaps i`ll write more rhymes

or maybe i won`t 


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Nothing that a pair of orange socks couldn`t fix
and maybe tight leather jeans     


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looking forward to your songs.     


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Sir Phill
i dont know you very well,but the little i know is that you are far from boring.
Just need to read your lyrics to see that.
get a grip man,go out and buy a purple shirt!!     


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Isn`t it great we all see the world a little differently,and can agree to disagree.This is becoming a rare thing in the world
in recent times.I respect your opinion,especially as ive heard many of your songs and think they are very very professional.
I think if someone is trying to write a song that will be popular,they may have a different take on it to someone who is
trying to say something.I`m a big fan of your songs,so yeah you have written memorable songs.
many thanks for engaging in this conversation with me.     


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Rhymes are over rated in my opinion.
I hate reading a lyric where you can tell the writer has
gone for a rhyme at the expense of the story, or it`s not a natural fit.
Sure it`s easier to write in rhymes,i guess thats why many fall back on it.
Myself included sometimes.     


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This song was written by Peatle  to encourage me.
I was asked to read some poems i had got published in an anthology.
It was part of promoting the book.
The thought of being in front of people and talking scares the hell out of me.
The only line he didnt use in the song was when he said to me
``if you dont do this thing you will live to regret missing the opertunity``     


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great stuff both of you,really enjoyed the vid.
keep them coming,seems very little interest from anyone else on chordie
but dont let that get to you,it is a reflection of others not of you.
it if counts for anything im very interested in listening to new music.
more please!     


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The Law Man
from the stage to the grave
as the wheels go round
clock strikes six
at the end of town
lawman walking with
arms at his side
hat pushed forward
from the sun he hide
sun now setting in the west
reflects from the star on his chest
throwing light
in the gun mans eyes
take every advantage
that a lawman can
risk his life for this town
something only a lawman understands
one shot rings out
one man goes down! 


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I`m with you on this Phill.Peatle has a way of making the everyday stuff interesting and entertaining.
Just look out the window you`re looking at a song.     


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Reads real good Grah     


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Phill Williams wrote:

I love it Pete. You come up with some quirky stuff that everyone can identify to. I hate the plastic Pam's my self, if it ain't natural it ain't real!

Here Here! 
natural and real do it for me every time.     


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I can relate to that one,well written     


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Phill Williams wrote:

Oh yea! Friends with benefits eh? An other relationship piece? I love the way you and Peatle can take everyday events and make them into enjoyable stories.
Well done Brian.

Yeah Phill,i don`t really like writing love type songs unless i can add a different perspective.
this was a conversation i had with the owner of a music shop,he said his girlfriend had got
a job elsewhere. they had played sport/ worked  /played in a band/ lived together.     


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Love and Space
I always thought my happiness
depended on you
but i was wrong
cause since you`ve gone
the suns still shining through
we`re still friends and lovers
but we both got
our own space and time
never thought i could
be this happy
when i`m not with you all the time
so come on over lets talk
about our different days
lets raise a glass of wine
and laugh about our different ways.
we`re still friends and lovers
with our own space and time


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that is a sensational piece of writing  10/10     


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Lost my money to the state of taxes
i ignored all their phonecalls and faxes
i paid in the end
the money i send
two things that can`t be ignored
are death and taxes


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Sounds great Zurf,would love to hear more of your posts.     


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Great piece of writing,this is  a bit special.     


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great chorus tig,reckless/texas clever rhyme.     

thanks for your support guys,i`m not getting too carried away as these comp things are funny beasts.
but i do want to encourage the rest of you to put your music out in the world,you have nothing to lose.
why would you spend years building a boat and never put it in the water.!
i havent got a musical bone in my body, but somehow manage to muddle a song together.     

Hey Peatle many thanks for that,it`s been a crazy world the last year and me making the semis
just goes to show how crazy.
Im sure the other semis are beautifilly sung,brilliantly played,and probably fantastic production.
mine is just a basic stripped back honest simple song.     


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Dirty Ed wrote:

I agree with Phil that it sounds like you're having fun, but with the reverb I couldn't tell what you're singing about. Maybe my ears are just tuned to Appalachian foothill accents, sorry.

thanks for your comments,is the reverb too much?I`ve had this comment once before.But when i play it
back i dont hear much reverb at all.I do set a bit of reverb on my recorder but this is only to cover for
my not very good voice.I wonder if my kiwi accent has befumbled you also?
I`ll go listen to my stuff on another device,maybe that could be the problem ,me not hearing the reverb.
thanks again


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Phill Williams wrote:

nice one Brian. you sound like you're having a lot of fun

Yeah Phill,theres a lot of serious stuff on chordie so thought i`d bang out a fun song.