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Woke up with a croaky voice so i thought lets see what happens if i record something.

great to see you writing something different to your usual.
i think it has really paid off on this one.
look forward to you mixing it up more often.
Phill has done a cracking job with it.     


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well  written Andy         whoops i mean Pete     


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enjoy the wine,making the best of a bad situation.
maybe 2 bottles and you`d doubly make the most.
3 bottles and you`d just make a bad situation.
merry christmas     


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great to see all the christmas songs on chordie
keep im coming !!!!!     


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Lets hear it Phill !!!!!!     


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Zurf wrote:
easybeat wrote:

here in NZ we`ve got 2 feet one on each leg!

Ha ha. I do love your word play.

Humour makes the world go round
And it stops you feeling down
So if a lift is what you need
humours better than smoking weed     


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here in NZ we`ve got 2 feet one on each leg!     


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our local govt/council has been ignoring infrastructure for many years
it`s all starting to fall apart,what little is done is done badly.

Political Road
They`re working on the road into the night
in the hope   that they just might
theres a political imperative
to get the work done
opened before the next election come
for theres votes to be had
at the end of the day
come hell or high water
the govt to get their way
so toil long and toil hard
get it finished before the due day
dont worry about quality
as long as its done
we can go back and fix it
when the election is won 


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i listened to an album by Nic Jones of olde English folk songs.
never really listened to this kinda music before,but something has clicked
and now i seem to be writing in this style.Often this music is sung unaccompanied.

Kings Pleasure
At the kings pleasure  i rot in his cell
cut off from the world
for the crimes i committed
and the lies that i told
four walls surround me
fed on meagre rations
for this is my world
for many a long year
the months pass slowly
and the years linger on
my body disheveled
beard grown to my knees
all day to reflect
on the people i wronged
theres many a day
feel i cant carry on
at the kings pleasure
i cant carry on 

Clever writing Ed     


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Good one Phill
i feel humble to know someone as perfect as you.
i mean what are you going to get for xmas you have it all in spades.


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this has got to be your best lyric yet.
well done you.     


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After reading a few comments,i thought hey i m keen to leave it hanging,unresolved.
But my subconscious must have been  thinking of all your comments
then this dropped in my lap.

many days passed
repairs came to nought
our bodies ached
dis-pear set in
on the third week
our look out shouted
i see a light
a rescue at hand
god had heard our prayers


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Good point guys,never thought about that,. i wrote us and we
but this is all that was dropped out sky to me,so i guess thats all.
i guess we will all have to imagine our own ending.
i could write an ending,but that would be me writing,not the magic
thing that just drops out of the sky into our laps.you other writers know what i mean.     


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Thought i`d have a go at writing a traditional folk song using traditional themes.
Not sure if it`s working,but here goes.

We cast off at dawn
on the morning tide
as we sail off
on that november day
leaving the blue
for the cold and the gray
heading south
to that x on our map
with only our hopes
and sextant to show the way
eight days out
the weather it turned
the waves grew higher
and the sea it churned
with sails destroyed
by the vicious wind
stores lost overboard
to the angry sea
leaving us adrift
and praying to god 


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Peatle me old mate,this reads more song than poem to me.
good to read more of the famous Peatle observations of life     


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wow thats something special,great piece of writing.     


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welcome,good to see a new member.     


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Lets hear it Phil     


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TIGLJK wrote:

I like the guitar work - great picking.
It was a little difficult for me to hear some of the lyrics though. Can you post them.

Sure Jim,here they are,don`t really know what the hell this is all about
just a bunch of words i put together.i think it goes kinda like this.
The man in the middle said i`m not here
and you know that lifes not fair
so bugger off
sling ya hook
go complain some where else
cause it won`t get better hanging round
end of the day you`re in the ground
wonder if the journey was worth the while
but you know you just gotta smile
the person next to you they don`t care
so bugger off sling ya hook
go complain some where else     


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Theres been some great songs on chordie lately,thought i`d join the party. 


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thats sounding good,how about multi track the vocal so it sounds choral.     


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Yeah Pete i guess you have noticed the empty shops and cafes around town.
Thought it would make a good subject for a poem.
Hopefully there will be a light in the future for these business owners.     


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At the end of the month i left my shop
i closed the door
and locked the lock
walked down the street
and didn`t look back
shopping online and recession
but pandemic the final nail
theres a sign in the window
for lease it says
well good luck with that
now settled in my daily routine
so i can`t complain
got home and family
there are others at this time
not as fortunate as me