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I like your version,how long does it take you to learn a song to this standard


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I`ve got a roland cube 80  brilliant for rockabilly slap

great versatile amp  i`ve had it for 2 yrs still finding new settings eg swamp rock/ mersey beat/ surf/metal stack ect ect ect

Good on her she`s really getting into it.
i don`t knock anyones music cause it`s all better than me.
the exception to this is, if the person is getting paid then i think i can make a critique

what do u think?


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New years resolution is to try to learn to sing!
I enjoy playing guitar But my singing is terrible.
i don`t want to be great, just not bad.
Is learning to singalong  in tune very hard?


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oh yeah we are a day ahead,santa brings us all the good stuff,you lot get the rest!


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Yeah christmas eve in nz,i guess most of you are a day behind.
thanks for comments and songs over the last year.

hope santa`s good to u


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Thanks,yeah he did seem to have long skinny fingers.
brilliant show!


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last night i saw The Moody Blues in concert.
I noticed Justin Hayward  playing guitar with his thumb over the top( on the bass strings.)
What`s that about??

sounds like Indesisive would be a good name

The searchers are still going  they must be the hardest working band in the world .playing several times a week.50 weeks a year!

Can any other band claim this?

if you are going to do live work  ` Sound & Vision`

If ya want something short        `Rustic`

Or something laid back              `Cloudy Bay`

If ya do some beatles stuff        `Lemon & Mccarthy`

oh this is easy

misty dan mike rolf & me


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try john lennon or paul mccartney. sometimes this works for me.

How about I`m a tiger   by Lu Lu     hit in the 60`s

don`t think she does this one any more!


We where talking the other day about hits that have made singers rich,that had very little
going for it. eg very few words or chords  or the same one repeated.
some times they work really well though
can you think of any?


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Check out  Rolf Harris   I know stairway to heaven is on utube  but he has covered lots of classic hits.
real good humour   check him out playing the wobble board

jake the peg has got to be the most clever song ever!

let me know what ya think


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Good to see a few teams peaking leading up to the cup.
Gonna make it interesting.


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56 going on  21

Thanx for replies,always hear these things on the news,often think i`m the only one effected.
Business is tough,only upside is it gives me more free time to murder my guitar.


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UK  home of political correctness  i wonder if this has anything to do with the problems there?


I was thinking of buying a Martin guitar (very expensive in NZ).but decided i could live
without it at the moment due to recession/ economic climate.
Which got me wondering how other people around the world are getting on in these
interesting times?
Have you been effected in any way?


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you may be surprised that 60% of kiwi`s not interested in
world cup.we sure are getting ton`s of HYPE though


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Gidday,i`ve been thinking about trying some alternate tunings.
I don`t know anything about it,when retuned are the chord shapes the same as standard tunings
or are they different shapes.


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Coffee (expresso) really popular in New Zealand.
I`m Tea & Coffee


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Gidday Baysum.

Always tune your guitar,  even a strum of open strings will give u a thrill.