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The Irish have solved their own fuel problems. They imported 50 million tonnes of sand from the Arabs and they're going to drill their own oil.

I just know I am going to get in trouble for this one but I couldn't resist.
Apologies to the Irish members.


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Thanks a lot Zurf, fantastic advice.
As soon as I source that Tusq bridge I will give it a go.


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Hi all,

I recently played another Yamaha F310 that had been modified by a guitar shop for a friend of mine.The main point of interest for me is that the action has been lowered to make barring much easier. I went along to this music shop hoping they could do the same and couldn't believe it when they said it would cost about R950. The guitar only cost me R900 so I am thinking to attempt it myself. That price was matched by another shop so it seems that looking around for a cheaper quote isn't going to be an option.

I would appreciate any tips / advice on doing this myself.


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My neighbor knocked on my door at 2:30 this morning

Luckily for him I was still up playing my Bagpipes.


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Happy Birthday sir, hopefully many more to come.


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Any soap opera.
The Bold and Beautiful, Days of our lives, The Young and the restless, Sunset Beach etc etc . . .

I am in South Africa and not fortunate enough to be able to afford Satellite tv, every time I turn the boob tube on its one of these after another.

My friends daughter is 9 years old and thinks its perfectly appropriate to sleep around and change your partners every 5 minutes.She watches this drek with her mother who LOVES it.


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The Beatles - Come Together

He got 0-no side board, he one spinal cracker.


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around the clock


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A Scotsman, an Englishman, an Irishman, a Welshman, a Latvian, a Turk, an
Aussie, an American, a Kiwi, a South African, an Egyptian, a Japanese, a Mexican, a
Spaniard, a Greek, a Russian, an Estonian, a German, an Italian, a Pole, a
Lithuanian, a Swede, a Finn, a Norwegian, an Israeli, a Romanian, a
Bulgarian, a Serb, a Czech, and a Swiss all went to a nightclub.....

The doorman said .......................

"Sorry, I can't let you in without a Thai"


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I have a small tattoo on my right forearm.
It looks like a tiny freckle but I swear its a tat.



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Placebo - Every you every me

Sucker love is heaven sent you
Pucker up our passions spent


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A guy is sitting at home when he hears a knock at the door.
He opens the door and sees a snail on the porch.
He picks up the snail and throws it as far as he can.
Three years later, there’s a knock on the door.
He opens it and sees the same snail.
The snail says "What the heck was that all about?"


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I thought I would throw in a few of my favorite lines from South African bands that might not be too familiar to people outside of S.A.

Fetish - liberate yourself from the web of deceit
            the spider wants to make believe you are a fly

Prime Circle - she always counts out the chords that I'm playing
                     she always moves to the rhythm she is making

Cutting Jade - the grass is always greener on the other side of man made walls


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Hi selso, I think you have got the makings of a good poem / song there.

Jamie R


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Thanks for all the advice guys.
I am sure it will help.

Jamie R


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Guilty of wrapping my thumb around the neck, will try the " correct " way and see if I can crack it.

Thanks guys.


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Fantastic, i loved it.

Jamie R


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Hi everyone, I have recently started playing scales and playing in position.
The problem I am experiencing is that I am quite a small person and find that my ring finger and pinky really struggle to reach the last two frets.I am currently playing a Yamaha F310 that is great when I play open chords and barre chords.
Is practice the only thing I need to do? Try a smaller guitar?
I just feel like I am not getting anywhere and wonder if I should go buy a triangle or something?

Any advice appreciated.

Jamie R


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Thanks Daddycool, the time is coming soon for me to " upgrade " to a better guitar.
You never forget your first love though, do you?.

Jamie R


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Thanks Lane, I wrote this in a couple of minutes, I admit its not quite finished.
Any ideas / suggestions?.

Jamie R


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No way Alviskleen, happens every day that I pick up my Yamaha F310.

Jamie R

I'm a Fitter and Turner in the prototyping workshop for an RF / Antenna manufacturing company in South Africa.
Know how to injure myself ( and other people ) with milling machines, lathes, drill machines, plasma cutters and welding machines.
Asked the company for a 50 tonne hydraulic press, can you believe they said No!!.
Management take all the excitement out of coming to work.

Jamie R


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I really like this one Phill, wish I had written it.

Jamie R

Great post Pix, you pretty much sum it up for me.
I have always loved music and played the drums for a while but wasn't really into the whole Bang Bang Bang side of things.
This year I picked up( I mean literally picked up) a Crescendo Nylon string guitar that someone had left in a rubbish tip.
I played that for 2 days and was hooked.
Got an el cheapo Yamaha and haven't looked back since.
Now that you mention it there is a certain member of the opposite sex that I have got my eye on.

Jamie R


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Hey Buvvy, glad to hear I'm not the only Seff Africaner here.

Banking Swine??? Please don't insult the pigs by lumping them together with Bankers.

Jamie R