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I am new to drop D tuning, and just used the double down D for Simple Twist of Fate, which works. But I copied Walk Away Renee, and it says Drop D, but neither the single Drop D nor the Double down seem to work with the chords listed. What am I not getting?

I am not very advanced, so this is not clear to me. I go to a song I wish to learn, for example at the moment I am looking at "If I had you"-Sinatra's version. I then transpose it, in this case I transposed it to C. The tabs give me Cm7/9, for example, but the song shows CM7/9 and as other chords in that same song use the minuscule m, I am assuming that when CM7/9 appears, it is the major. However, the tabs don't show me how to play the major and it is hard to find in my other chord books. Please comment