It's not that I wanted to punish my Fender.  It's a solid top and the salesman told me low humidity would eventually damage it.  I don't have a room humidifier, so I used a humidifier in the gig bag.  It gets very cold and dry in the winter in Iowa.  It also gets very hot and humid in the summer.  Best (or worst) of both worlds.  I did it for it's own good.  Tough love, you know.

I definitely prefer natural finishes versus black, red, or even sunburst.  I just like the look of the wood, I guess.  Still too much of a newbie to comment on cutouts or electronics.  Trying to resist guitar acquisition syndrome for an acoustic/electric, though.  It would help out playing at church.

Heeding the advice of my local guitar salesman, my Fender has lived this winter in the gig bag with a humidifier.  It only got out to practice and play.  Spring has sprung, the furnace is off, and my guitar is set free.  In the last few days I have found myself just picking it up at random to practice.  Seems like the hassle of getting it out of the case (boy, am I lazy) kept me from it more than I realized.  Really having a good time.  Practiced til my fingers hurt.


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Happy NGD!  Any pics?


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Without expressing an opinion on the subject, I would like to commend everyone who has posted to this topic.  I have read each post and find it refreshing that folks can express their opinions without descending to meaningless insult.  Disagreement with a person is not synonymous with hating them.  I can, and sometimes do, disagree with my friends and yet still consider them my friends.

If this is a threadjack, I apologize.


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Castle, White Collar, NCIS.  I like the mix of humor with mystery and drama.


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Happy NGD!


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Praying for you and your family.


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mekidsmom wrote:

The therapy of music has certainly helped me though some rough spots.  As for the guitar... my family much prefers hearing me play it than belting out an Italian Aria so I think the guitar has saved them.  big_smile

An Italian Aria?  Classy.


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Zurf wrote:

I don't want to play music.  I need to.  For years I didn't, and it ached.  Eventually, I just had to do it again else I'd have gone crazy.

Zurf, I know exactly the feeling you're talking about but with me it's preaching.  Guitar is relaxing, rewarding, and sometimes frustrating but preaching is my heart.


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Happy birthday and NGD!


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Sharp guitar.  A friend let me play his Martin a/e in church last week.  Sweet.  Is Iowa too far away to come over and borrow yours?  Seriously, have fun.


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Came down with a chest cold and didn't play that Sunday night.  Did get to play at a retirement home this last Sunday night and you were right, toots.  It went much easier.  Played and sang "I Will Serve Thee" by Bill Gaither then preached.  Got caught up in the song and had a great time.


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Thanks for the encouragement.  I'll let you know how it goes Sunday night.

Hey, everybody.  Performed in public for the first time last night at one of my church's nursing home services.  Played and sang two songs.  Very nervous, voice trembling, fingers not placing correctly, messing up the lyrics.  Must have been acceptable, though, the pastor wants me to sing in Sunday night's service.

You folks have been a blessing and a help to me.  Thank you.


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papaguitar wrote:

Welcome to Chordie Srpetty. If you are young and stick to learning the guitar someday
    you will be saying: "Where the heck did all these guitars come from ?" Trust me it will
    happen. Not saying it's a bad thing just sayin.
    Fast fret. I used it many moons ago when first learning on acoustic as it it made the
    strings kinda slippery or smooth. On fingers yet to be calloused well it can help ease
    the pain somewhat. Not sure what kind of applicators are out there now. I'll bet there
    are different brands also.  Best of luck,  Mike

Thanks for the welcome and the info, Mike.  As for time to acquire guitars, it depends on whether or not 46 is young.


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Salmusic22 wrote:

I like Martins too but they do wear out quickly. I do find  'fast fret'  helps though, it keeps the strings clean aswell as oiling them. I tend to go for mediums aswell as I like the best of both worlds, thrashing out some rhythm and incorporating work on bass strings , but also more gentle finger picking styles etyc, though i do have different guitars for specific styles too.

I dream of the day when I have more than one guitar.  Hard to justify it in the learning stage, though.  By the way, what is 'fast fret'?


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icecubetray3pak wrote:

I had been using Martin Silk & Steel (.0115-.047) and they are smooth but don't last long.  I have a set of D'Addario .013-.057 on now and they are hard on the fingertips.  If the store is going to give you a set free every month, take 'em.  You may not need to change them every month, but free is free.  Or do you need to bring the guitar in to the store and they will change them?  Start with the lightest until your fingertips toughen up.

I took it in to the store for the first change at one month.  Mainly I wanted someone to show me how it's done.  The guy who helped me mentioned that they didn't really need changed.  Went about three months before I changed them again.  Did it myself this time.

The store will let me go in and just pick up a set each month.  I think the idea is to get me to spend money while I'm there.  So far they're out of luck.

I think I'll go back to the mediums.  My fingers are toughening up pretty well and I really like the sound better.


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Our church does two nursing home services each month.  We get a good turnout from the residents and from our members.  Sometimes we have 3 pianists, a couple guitarist, a banjo player, and several singers.  The pastor has even let me preach a few times.  I'm hoping to get good enough some day to join in with my guitar.

These services are some of the most rewarding times in my life.  It's tremendous to see the folks singing along.  Often I go to try to be a blessing and end up getting blessed myself.

Thank you for ministering to the people in your area.  I pray that the Lord will bless you and your efforts.


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Another "just wondering" post.  My Fender came with light gauge (.011 or .012 I can't remember which) strings on it.  The store gave me a card good for a set of strings per month for a year.  First change was to mediums (.013) and now back to lights.  Both sets are phospor bronze.

I like the sound of the mediums better but find the lights easier to play with.  Is this pretty common?  What gauge do you folks use?

The strings I've been getting are store brand made by SIT.  Is there a preferred brand or type?


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badeye wrote:
srpetty wrote:

Thanks.  I knew I could get help here.  I'll probably go with the easier fingering not the barre.  It's my newbie's opinion that barre chords are evil and should be avoided at almost any cost. (Actually, I'm trying to learn Bm and it's giving me screaming fits.)

Welcome to Chordie,   learn barre chords, what a joy it will be. a hard thing to do but worth it.

badeye   cool

Thanks for the welcome and the encouragement, badeye.  I am resolved to learn barre chords.  What you said is true of so many things in life.  The hard stuff is worth it.


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This chart: … -keys.html

really has helped me with this.  I printed it out and put it in my practice book.

I'm not really looking to buy right now.  Just got my first guitar three months ago.  Picked up a Fender DG-8 kit from a local store.  The new still hasn't worn off and I keep looking around.  Probably setting a bad precedent.

I just wanted to know how the folks here felt about buying online.  Being such a newbie, I'm gleaning a lot about playing, practicing, and purchasing here.  Thanks for the replies.


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Zurf wrote:

Welcome srpetty and jovanmoon. 

- Zurf

Thanks, Zurf.


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I work in the office for a small business that services commercial and industrial heating and refrigeration equipment.  We work on HVAC, ice machines, cooking equipment, freezers, coolers, etc.  On occasion, I lend a hand on jobs where the techs need someone to hand them parts.  I'm also the lawn maintenance specialist (I mow the yard.)