Saw this … mp;sr=1-34

and it seemed like a good deal (not that I can afford it.)

Most of the advice I've seen here on buying is go to a store, try some guitars, see what you like, and buy.  Would (or have) you bought a guitar online?  Did you try it out somewhere first and then order it?  Just wondering.


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Thanks.  I knew I could get help here.  I'll probably go with the easier fingering not the barre.  It's my newbie's opinion that barre chords are evil and should be avoided at almost any cost. (Actually, I'm trying to learn Bm and it's giving me screaming fits.)


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Hey, everyone.  Enjoying the site and picking up a lot of tips even though I haven't posted before.

I've been learning for a few months now.  Started on a loaner classical guitar from my son-in-law but it was difficult to play.  Bought a Fender acoustic kit for my birthday and I'm finding it a lot easier to play.

What I was hoping you could help me with is fingering for Gsus.  I've got a song ("I Am Redeemed" by Brian Free & Assurance) that has it in one spot.  It goes from F to Gsus to Dm7.  I've looked it up on but don't know which fingers to use where.

Thanks ahead of time.