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Learned banjo first, guitar later.  You can find a lifetime of patterns to "work out" starting here.   



Appreciate your effort.  I could never pull that off.  The guitar was cool.  But,  I am not sure what those tunes have to say about social issues or whatever.  Good deal of "coveting thy neighbor's ass".   I listened to as much as a minute of each track.  Couldn't take much more.  I will say the songs sound like they will be right up Mr. Moore's alley.



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Tool, Lost Keys (Blame Hoffman), Rosetta Stoned, from 10,000 Days.

Good luck


Everything you would need to learn backup can be found here, but I would start with learning banjo scales/chords.


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Montana played really well for the Chiefs, I was at the games in Kansas City.  Now that I think about it, it was several second half comebacks led by Dave Craig that got em to the playoffs during the Montana years.  What has Tyler done that is musically relevant in last twenty years?  Let's hope he doesn't have to suddenly cancel his appearance.


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Been season ticket dude for both Chiefs and Rams for past twenty years.  Love the NFL., live in St. Louis.  I felt really bad for the Cowboys on the last play.  Honestly, because for the past three years, I have personally witnessed Alex Barron kill more drives than any offensive lineman in the league.  When I heard the Cowboys traded for him, I was stunned.  I'm not a player hater Cowboy fans, wouldn't care if you ran the table. 

Trust me when I say that you have many a heart-break coming from the play of Alex Baron over the next fifteen games.