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@Topdown it's one of those wussy coffee drinks. I was trying to be funny. Clearly that did not work. @Doug I have a spare amp on my Maxum 31' and love jamming on the lake in the summer, although before I had a bigger boat with A/C it sure got hot out there. @Bass Viking - Fremont Street is awesome. There's quite an arts district building up around there now, too. Very cool area of town.

Well everyone thanks for the warm welcome and see you in the forum!

Oh, what the heck - I wasn't going to make an ass out of myself until I got to know you guys and gals a bit better, but you seem like a nice enough group.

Here's a little bit of me having fun on Halloween this year.



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Just wanted to drop the forum a quick note to say hello from Las Vegas! I stumbled across Chordie just yesterday after doing some research on Guitar Control. It looked like a BS scam to me, and based upon feedback from the members here, I am confident in my assessment!

Anyway, I live in Vegas, from Chicago originally. I play mostly blues and southern rock. I have a degree in music and I love mochachinos and long walks on the beach (j/k). I look forward to contributing.