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I don't an issue with the F chord. The way I play it is very close to a C chord. I push down the high E string and your B string down ( first fret) with my index finger and my G string ( second fret) with my middle finger, and Third fret third finger D string. I do however have a passionate hatred for the B chord LOL. But I am sure I'll get it with my dertermination. One of the qualities that get you far LOL.


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You know the saying the real beauty lies within? That goes for guitars to LOL. It matters how it plays and sounds if it don't look that great all well. I bet you could still fall in love with it. ha ha


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OH my gosh Zurf LOL. Now that would make sense ha ha ha. I admit I laughed hard. I love your choice of words " Sustenance". I'm going to remember that one. Well you sound busy. Might I sugest a file cabinet for your paper work? Actually never mind that may not work either LOL


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Love the video tubatooter.LOL
I actually have been doing a bunch of stupid embarrassing things this week but I don't think I am going to mention the others LOL.


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Ha ha ha. Your all so funny. No I did not dream it. I already got that sugestion from somone but no did not dream it, because I showed it to someone the next day so I have a witness Ha. I am a tidy person and don't just lose paper work and I don't have a dog. Okay I have to ask Zurf.
How in the world do you lose things on top of the fridge?


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This poem was inspired by people who confided in me about there past guilts. So I wrote this for them and for anyone else that can relate.

"Our Haunting Sins"

Our time of then that haunts us now,
Of mistakes and wrongs we've made.
though moved on, in shame our heads we bow.

Alas our haunting sins

the grief we brought, the guilt we carry,
ways our soul down low.
We try to change, our sins we burry.

Alas our haunting sins

Many saw our faults and will not let us go,
Forgiveness seems so far away.
Our conscience is weary and full of woe.

Alas our haunting sins

A wrong from long ago now comes to find us,
there is no running there is no hiding.
We remember our foolishness, and youthful lusts.

Alas our haunitng sins

A ghost of nightmares, a resltess woe,
It follows us always.
It will not leave, it will not go.

Alas our haunting sins

From sin we learned and may teach some,
of the turmoil of sin.
we sinners seek forgiveness, we say please come,

Peace from haunitng sins.

- Yesterdays foolishness is todays wisdom-


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I woke up at four in the morning with words for a song in my head. I was so tired I kept pushing it away but by the time five came around I couldn't ignore it anymore so I got up and wrote it down and then a day or so later I edited it and then put it down again. Now I can't find it! and I never misplace any of my writings. It's like it vanished I am so upset about that. I feel ( meanless to say) stupid. Now I am racking my brain to try and remember what I wrote. Does anyone else ever go through this?


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I have a habit of writing both the music and the lyrics together at the same time. This is a great post page. Good advice I"ll think on.


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that little dog was wondering " How bout I just dance next time. LOL I liked it.


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Question! Do songs have to rhyme?


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yes I agree finger picking is hard! I learned guitar becasue I sing. I started out with a karaoke and went from there. So it seems like alot of guys learn guitar to woo the girls LOL.


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I am able to play guitar by ear. This talent runs in three generations in my family although it skipped my moms generation and came thorugh to me and my other sister who plays mandolin. I have put chords to many songs just by listenting but if I'm not familar with a chord I get stuck and yeah the internet is a great help.


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" An Inner Place"

My soul is as the moon
Bigt and bright, full  and white
It rises and it falls
With light it shines, with love it binds.

My heart is as a star
Ever there to see, for love it is the key
It beats foreverr constant
Loning to be seen, who shall see it's gleam?

My love is as the rose
Clothed in scralet red, destined never to be dead
A thorn protects it's weakness
It blooms it grows, with truth it sows

My dreams are like the wind
They fly there free, even if they shall never be
It searches and it looks
At times it feels as a gusty gail, but now they feel very very frail

My hope is like the sea
It is tossed to and fro, how strong it is I do not know
It stretches far and wide
It's deep it blue, feeling alone and askew

My joy is a radient sun
It's warm and golden, sometimes it may be stolen
It's crest luminates the soul
It sings a happy song, to welcoming ears it belongs

: the body is but a door to that which lies  within.

This is one of my favs

Wings of Faith

Life hasn't been always easy, infact most times it's really not. But we must walk our destiny, it's a battle we all must fight.
I try so hard not to trip, but somehow seem to get caught, but it's the road God gave me and thats alright.

I'm waiting for the wings of faith to lift me high,
I can't wait to bid these frets and cares goodbye,
I can't wait till the day that I will fly.

I've known so many lonely moments that seem to take me down. I wish I knew exactly what to do, so I bow before Him and pray,
I take up my courage to follow God to whom my heart is bound. I bring my burdens to his throne and spread them out and say.

I'm waiting for your wings of faith to lift me high,
I am longing to bid these burdens and loads goodbye,
I can't wait till the day You show me how to fly.

then I heard him say, You let these griefs bring you despair, where is your faith and trust?I promise I will not let you go.
Look ahead there's something new, chances like these are rare. Get up and shake the dust, don't let these doubts bring you low.

Because your wings of faith will lift you high,
someday these worries will go and say goodbye,
Trust in your faith and you'll learn how to fly.


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I like this poem. Very sweet.


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This is an exparament to see just how many other people out there can play guitar by hearing something and then being able to play it. I'm told it's not that common. So how many out there can?


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I like pick too

I am a begginer as well. I have been only playing for a year, But I have the ability to play by ear so I am ahead of most things and I have some experiance in playing for crowds. I sing as well as play. Thge biggest crowd I have played guitar for was about close to fifty and as far as singing about three hundred. I hope I don't sound like i'm boasting, I don't mean too.


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Just out of curiosity, Can anyone here play guitar by ear?


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A red head steps into the doctors office. " Whats your problem?" he asks her. " I don't know, I don't understand it but everywhere on my body hurts!". The doctor looks at her funny and says " Thats impossible". In reply she says " NO really, I'll prove it watch". She then goes on to poke herself on her arm and her stomach and her leg and every time she yells ouch! The doctor puts his glasses on and looks at her " your not really a red head are you?". Getting a guilty look she answers " No I'm actually blonde". Grunting he says " Just as I thought, your finger is broken".


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I would love to visit England someday too!
My heritage goes back to there. Somewhere along the line I'm related to the house of tudors. Not exactly the best royal family one could hope to be related to but oh well. We can chose our friends but we can't chose our family.


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Good luck fishin!


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A Blonde Takes a trip to Florida. While she's there she decides she wants a pair of genuine Croc leather shoes. So she goes to the mall to buy a pair and complains to the manager that they are to expensive, so he tells her to go somewhere else. In reply she says " Fine I'll go get my own for free". Later that day as the manager drives home from work he sees her in the river with the water up to her knees and big shotgun in her hands. He looks up on the bank and it's covered in dead crocs. So he pulls over and gets out of the car watching her he sees a ten foot croc coming right towards her, she shoots it " bang!!!" and then manages to heave it up on the bank. There he watches her turn it on to it's back and says. " Darn this one is bare foot too!".

NO affense towards blondes out there but I laughed so hard when I heard this joke.