swansneck wrote:

I find it harder and harder to cope with TV advertising as I get older.  I can listen to and enjoy the loudest Rammstein track on my headphones but a vacuous advert using flashing images and chirpy, happy music gets me grabbing for the tv mute button.

Ah, the blessed remote. How did we ever cope without it. We tape everything and watch it later, skipping all the ads in the process.

Do we as musicians cope less well with annoying sounds? That was my original thought. Seems some do and some don't. No different to anyone else it would appear....

bunbun wrote:

Last comment: Squeaking of plimsolls? How does a water line on a boat squeak?

Not a plimsole LINE, a pair of plimsoles. Or trainers, sneakers etc. Crazy Brits and their silly words for things........

steelstrings wrote:

I can wait until I get my electric guitar (still saving up for it) then I can annoy other people with noise instead of them annoying me!

As long as you're in tune, mate, it's music to my ears! Thats the funny thing, I could be soaking up the sun with Killing Joke blasting in my ears thru my earphones to cover the sound of constant barking and fall asleep to it.

It's all relative i guess.....

dfoskey wrote:

Listen with your heart and all of the annoying sounds will disappear
That or at least you'll be quicker to silence the noise because of the compassion for those that are making it. If it is disturbing your playing just play louder.

Wise words I am sure. I would find it hard to feel compassion though for the manky mutt over the garden that just barks and barks and soddin well barks some more, nor would I feel compassion for the neanderthal owners that let it happen!

Nice thought though :-)

naolslager wrote:

Tip: Noise-cancelling headphones DO NOT WORK for screaming kids. I have a pair I wear when flying and to my dismay screaming kids and PA announcements cut through the noise filters like an unstoppable Rebel force.

Really?! Thanks for that tip, mate. They're bloomin expensive as well aren't they!?

Damn right! That's exactly why I don't watch the show.

That bad is it, Zurf??

steelstrings wrote:

More annoying noises...
People scraping their shoes across the floor.

Big time! It's like night of the living dead at tesco. Leaning on the trolleys and shuffling along! My wife thinks I am making a fuss but I just want to pick these people up and beg them to use the backbone God provided them with and just for good measure PICK YOUR DAMN FEET UP!

Cheers Steel. I know what you mean about whistling out of tune. That REALLY gets me. I know they can't help it, kinda like being colour blind I guess, but anyone who knowingly whistles out of tune can bug the crap out of someone with a sensitive ear and really should be humanely put down. Glad you can relate!

Women have a higher tolerance level, Hannah, that's a fact! As I say though I think it may be the migraine thing that makes it so unbearable for me.

Is it just me or are pretty much all musicians more sensitive to noises like screaming kids and barking dogs. Noises like that literally make me wince with pain. I am prone to migraines anyway so that does not help but I was just curious whether people with a sensitive ear for a melody are more aggravated by noise than the average Joe.

Other wincing sounds: road drills, hacking coughs, squeaking plimsoles etc

Maybe I am just a moany old git......?

Hey Jerome. I have the KA-SMHT. Fantastic sound. So glad I bought it.

Recently bought meself a Kala Tenor uke. Cost a small fortune, but worth every penny. Beautiful instrument. Anyway, hooked on ukes now and I was looking at some baritones and the Clearwater Roundback caught my eye on eBay. Anyone know of this instrument?

Arkady: Oh, yes. The only violent thing that happened in that show was Mrs Moppets (?) dog yapping excitedly at Windy Miller!! A different generation, huh? All change now...!

Daddycool: Many thanks, pal.

Thanks Dino, will do. You would not remember it, it was only shown here in the UK.

That terrific little tune from that kids tv program back in the 60's (them were the days!) that used to play while one of the little characters rose up out of the music box?

Whichever it was, I'd love to be able to strum that one out. Thanks for your help.