Hi guys!

Do you ever happen to know the new Facebook group page named "Software for Musicians"? Someone told me that they created a new group, I pulled myself out when they announced that they will have another group page. I want to join the group because they are running free drawings for music software.

Thank you for your help in advance!


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Can anyone suggest a good audio or music slow downer? I bumped into this software called Song Surgeon but I still want to compare other software maybe there is a better one out there or this could be a good one already.


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I found this site and found it could be useful for us on determining which software we are going to use, I used this before I purchased a slow downer program.



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I would agree learning to play guitar should start from the basic. Learning the chords, shifting from 1 chord to another. You should also learn by way of listening (play by ear). Once you develop these you can now start learning new songs. There are also free software like audacity


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Try this:

Best Fold

Nxt Gen

Eagle Eye


or I would agree to the one who suggested to get the scrabble pieces and throw it on the wall you might come with the best band name \m/