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if they re just tender and not shreded then a little topical painkiller  will dull the sensitivity . it may sound insane but i have rubbed anbesol toothache gel on my tips after a long day of picking/jamming and needed to play that evening.   it doesn t numb completely but enough to play through..


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from chords to fills and runs.  whatever style you prefer there is a wealth of info on line , u tube and from the local music store.
from rock to country to folk/bluegrass, to blues.  and so many of the fills, riffs, licks can be tweaked to fit amost any style.  most are simple and partial scales.  using simple scales in the major keys will open up the melodic side of playing and running the chromatic scale from low e to high e  is a good waqrmup and will help in pick to string coordination and lead to crosspicking.    also experimenting in nonstandard tunings can open up a new world of sound for you.   simply dropping the low e to d changes the way the instrument sounds. and with other nonstandard tunings one can play more complex patterns without the big stretch of the hand. each step seems to get harder  but any journey that is worth anything is never easy.   welcome to the magical world of making your own music.....


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bought a 12 string in 81 just before deploying on a submarine. we spent 3 wonderful months underwater and created two of my best songs. cost me 800 back then and i ve banged on it for over 30 years.  destring the octaves and it is totally awesome for fingerstyle.  the finish has cracked in a few places and the ring has been chipped up from dropin pickups but looks don t thrill me    good tone over the entire fretboard does. and she still sings just fine.    but as with any instrument.   find the one that speaks to you and plays for you and you will find happiness..   3 of my guitars are off brands that i wouldn t trade for a martin or a taylor or a takaminie.  good luck and good hunting....


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a suggestion on pick slide/rotation,  used to have the same issue then found  COOL pics, at the local shop.  they have a felt texture or a sandpaper texture where the fingers set.  can be found on the internet as well.  also really like the tones they provide. Wouldn t have believed it years ago but the pick has quite a bit to do with the way the strings resonate.  PS there are times when i will use the side of the pick due to the warmer sound the fat corner of the pick provides.  never be afraid with trying different things.  our heros stumble onto things not planned and then have to learn what came naturally.  be who you are and own what you do.


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recegntly played a morgan monroe acoustic made in china at a local shop that was really nice.  it played warm when easy on the pick and it really cut when picked hard.   about 400.00   unusual for most guitars i have played.. also concur with playing as many as you can. I have a wf mitchell md100 thats about 10 years old that i really like and put out only 200 for it.  Have played other mitchell md100s and they don t measure up to my old one. I wouldn t trade mine for a Martin or a taylor... but thats just my personal taste in the sound from the guitar.   no two acoustics ever sound exactly the same to me and i have played some bad sounding $1000.00+ guitars.   You ll know when the right lady is on your lap and singing to you....   good luck and good pickin


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Personal favs, 
Gentle on my mind  JHartford,  Black Magic Gun TRush, Tangled up in blue Dylan,  40,000 headmen S winwood, Love the one your with CSNY