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No offense to Nela. . . but . . . Open tuning is when you tune to a specific chord, ie D, C, G etc. Dropped tuning is to relieve tension. Thanks to everyone, I have found the awswer that I sought.

Great condition Artcore hollowbody for sale. Transparent Cherry Burst.  Comes with semi soft/hard case. $300. I live in Vegas so better to pick up. $65 to ship in lower 48. If you want pics supply email and I'll send them.


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Just purchased a 12 string Ovation AE. Would anybody on this forum comment on whether or not I should go to a drop D tuning?


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I just bought an Ibanex Acoustic Electric. I've always played semi hollow with flat wound strings. What are the closest strings to that for an acoustic. I have arthritis in my hand and need something easy on the fingers. Any help is appreciated.