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A couple of nights ago the neck on my Alvarez snapped (didn't figure out what it was until the following day when i looked at the stand).  This is what I did.... I took the strings of lazer leveled and remarried them with a biscuit style joint. I clamped all 3 axis's (sp) but to me it sounds like crap. No one else can tell.  I have had 3 very nice acoustics that are no longer with me so instead of being ax-less i got this at guitar center for cheep. Maybe $170. My question is do vibrations get lost or is it just the body where the sound comes.  It seems to me i have to play it harder (not gently) The neck looked like a reddish hardwood.  Is this common, can I do anything about it? except be pissed and save up for another tak or martin or taylor


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I beliueve othere tuner has the ability to adjust MHZ and I most likely changed its default setting by accident.  I didn't know that it was litrerally 440 beats per sec.  Cool.  I did have a chuckle at the "7" reply.  That was kind of funny. It sure makes since to me I must confess, makes since to me.  thanks
I really like this site


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By default one of my tuners is set at 433mhz.  A different tuner (cheaper) doesn't have the ability to adjust MHZ but i asume its most likely set at 440; since the cheaper one seems to read higher.  My question is this... Is there a "standard" mhz setting, or is it based on your guitar...the string gauge etc?  What is a good setting for a begginer to moderate rythym guitarist such as myself?    I know I'll get some good feedback. Thanks ya'll...James Clayton


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excelent! I am trying the capo andf just playing the basic chords or  barring the sercond fret (if its plus 2) and playing the chord. If I cant bar it im using a capo.  Thanks for all the suport gentleman.


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thanks guys that helps a LOT.  I'm glad I stumbled upon this forum.  I hope to learn a lot.


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If u only have the answer to one of the questions ill take what i can get


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Yea...i had a "ringer" on d 7th fret and they shaved it a hair.  It works great now


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What do youguys mean by semi tones?
Also what do you guys mean by plus 2 or plus4?  Example...someone will give feedback and say a song or chord is.... (+4)?