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I have always had the policy of if it come out of a new box i will install your plumbing. With that attitude i moved into supervising. Got out of house's and now running million dollar project. Thank God for my guitar, as when things get tough i will go to my room and play for a hour or two and come back with a smile on my face and a song in my heart.

I was born in December 1952
Second boy child born to Walt and Lou
Eairliest childhood memory
was being yanked out of school
heading for California
for the rent check was due

I grew up a angry child
as we never settled down
every time I'd make a friend
we would move to another town

I swore if i ever
had me a son
I never would do what my daddy had done

Well i have me a son
and what have i done
it seems that i am my father's son

still working on another verse
have been playing G C Am D


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My brother & sister have sail boats. i love to go out and play some Jimmy B Love a priate looks at forty.Set on my brothers 38 footer. we were anchored and the sky was so blue i sang my best pirate song ever not many people heard it but it seemed the stars all claped at the end.

it is my will, when i go my ovation is with me when he hit the pearly gates!!!
ps does the Applause have the rounded back like the ovation?


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Thanks to you all for the welcome. I am glad i have found this place. I am complety self taught witch is good in most way. I have really never played in a band or for people but every now and then run in to some one on the road who plays. I have been traveling the last 16 years for work and i always have my guitar with me. I am always the guy sitting outside my Motel room picking away. I have had the same ovation for 30 years and just put her into retirement. I now am playing an Yamaha with an electric pick up. The neck is wider but i am starting to get used to it.I look forward to figuring out all the neat things on this site.



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Thanks to all who responded. This is a great site. i watched the little clip on fingerpicking and thought heck i have been doing that for years. I love to pick and i have gotten to where i can use my thumb and all four fingers. I bought my first guitar in 1977. It is an ovation. I have got over 30 years out of her and i just retired her. She still keeps a great tune just though she deserved a place on my wall. I travel a lot and she was always with me. Thanks again for the coments.  Rick


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I was wondering can i keep making diffirent songbooks for different songs like one songbook of country and another songbook with rock & roll? I would never think of spamming as i have been playing for 30 years now and my memory bank of songs in my head are slowly getting smaller and i love to have the song in front of me while i play.
Thanks for the reply


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I am not exactly sure how to use my song book. Am i missing something about how to shape my songbook?