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One of the things I noticed is even when something is not exact it's close enough to be useful and Chordie is a great asset for instructing people on how to play guitar.  I give instructions now and then on guitar playing everything from transitioning to fingerstyling and often the best way to teach is have a song everyone is familiar with printed out and made available .. The fact that you can change tones etc and it will change the notation is helpful because it makes it easier to play in some instances for some people.  ANd that you have multiple instrument formats is also helpful as well.. So to the Naysayer who just didn't like what he or she saw because there was an error or two possible.. I only have one thing to say Well we all can't be as perfect as you.. so why don't you post the corrections if you know they are wrong, furthermore if you're that perfect what do you need Chordie for in the first place you can play everything without it.

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