Thank you gentleman.  I appreciate that!

Feedback of course is always appreciated good or bad. I 'm getting old!


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Russell_Harding wrote:

I must be going nuts but I asked Amazon to refund my purchase or apply the refund to these monitors
Amazon wants more then this supplier so I think I will have them just refund and go ahead and get these from this supplier unless they match the price but I need some more bang and punch and these can be adjusted for room size as well as input power,good reviews on them smile

Russell.. I think you will need to add a subwoofer to get the sound you are looking for or go to a larger speaker...8" or bigger.


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Russel- got those new Behringer MS16 powered studio monitors.  Anxious to know how they sound!

sounds good!    good job!


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Yes.  They sound awesome in your videos.  I have not used webcams at all.   Can you select the audio source or driver to be used with the camera?
Before I got my system back working I was considering this
I don't know when these came out but recommneds Windows2000 and XP.   Vista or Windows 7 it probably would run.


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I have another question.  How big, file size, are the videos you upload to Youtube?


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I noticed that last link didn't work … 36-2761879


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Very good.   I just noticed an older post of Pete Benson about the link to his mics he uses. … 36-2761879   I don't know what he paid but $99 is cheap.  I had commented on hot or ambient if that is the word I am trying to discribe.  On my computer speakers they were so loud and clear.
  I too use SM58's.  The problem is I can only sing in the key of "L".   Least it sounds like "L" smile 
My next problem to tackle are studio speakers.   I am just using my cheap desktop speakers now and it is hard to mix.   I usually have to burn a CD and listen it in my Dodge Truck to see how it sounds..


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Now that I have discussed what  I do, how about letting me know what everyone else uses.   I would be interest in the video recording aspect or your home studio setup.


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The SR16 is fine.    I have never got the midi to work through my keyboard but when I get the cble I might try.   It has ..I think..40 some patterns and inside each pattern you can change the drum kit.  The beat is about the same but with different percussions or kits.  I usully pick a beat and go from there.  It has a fill button or foot swith jack,  I made one.  Also a switch to start and stop.     The fill adds drum rolls and different patterns in the beat.  I have used this as intro going in different parts of a song.   As far as programming my own beats I haven't tackled that but one can.  Almost need a pad because the buttons are what you would have to select i think.  But I am not a drummer. My brother is! 

The Tascam I have everything plugged in (volume down) and only do one track at a time.   Got 24 tracks I can turn on one at a time on the Creator3.
You are wondering how I put down 8 to 10 tracks in a song?   One at a tme!!   I can play back everything together as I build.   When done, select  tracks and export to a wav file.   I usually start with percussions and rythm   or bass both on the first track to start. 
The stuff I am redoing now I lost all my track so I import the original stereo track. (oh yeah, each of the 24 tracks on the Creator 3 are stereo and you can adjust the volume after you have recorded to help with the mix)   Find the drum track.   Record it with the original and rebuild everything.  This way I have one instrument on each track.   I have even did that with seperating the bas and percussions by building two tracks off the first I did like.  That is if the drum track is OK!  Does this make since.   I wish I had written down what I had use before, like drum pattern, kit, and since I don't have my DX27 midi looped through Creator or Cakewalk then,  it had a killer Rock Organ I can not replicate on the DX27.   I am anxious to see what the midi cable I ordered will do for me.


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First I would like to thank everyone for letting me chat with you all.   I haven’t had time check out a lot what is available on the forums but have listened to some good music and singing from Pete and Russ.   I have mentioned I have been a weekend musician for quite some time and after getting “right sized” by my 25 year employer I had some time and tried to take my music hobby to a different level.   

Previously mentioned the Tascam Portastudio 564 which turned out to be a dinosaur and was cumbersome to use but it makes a great use as a mixer board.   Moving to a digital audio workstation with Cakewalk Home Studio 7 was an experience using but with the computer I had,  it didn’t last long.    After getting a few tracks down it would spit and sputter and then it died.   I lost all my work except for the mastered wav files I had saved.  Being a novice on DAW I did not realize all the tracks were saved and took up lots of storage.  If you have 8 tracks you have 8 files.   And if you clean up your data files you loose all tracks.   The work I have been doing on my new system I have already had over a GB of files.  My old computer did not have the memory or the hard drive space.  But it did have a Creative Labs soundcard I had installed that worked well with the line in from the line out of the 564.
As I updated computers and Windows software nothing ever worked well and the built in soundcards always didn’t satisfy me to even try to work at it.  After five years I finally decided to hit it again and I purchased the Music Creator 3 software that would run on current Windows 7.   Then my power supply died and I got disinterested again….
I have recently picked up a HP 6000 Pro with Dual Processors and 3 GB memory and I put two 250 GB hard drives in it and loaded full blown Windows XP Professional w/Service Pack 2 (not an OEM version) and then updated SP3 and another 560 MB of updates I finally loaded Creator.   The trick I use as an interface is a version of Roxio LP to MP3 software.   Along with it came a USB cable with two RCA plugs that I patch to my line out of my 564.   The Music Creator 3 software allows you to pick your drivers and since I did not load the HP audio drivers the only thing is sees is the USB device.   The USB cable also has a mini jack that I plug my powered desktop speakers into.   After a few more upgrades of Adobe Flash player and Java I got everything to work on the computer like YouTub and Windows media player.   The reason I bought the Roxio was to convert .wav to .mp3 and it does an excellent job with that.   Also has an editor you can play with to enhance or cleanup your audio files before converting them to MP3.  You can also edit the song tags.

I hope I haven’t bored you yet?  What an introduction to my setup and where I am now!!

HP 6000 Pro with Dual Processors -  3 GB memory  - two 250 GB HD (directed music data to be stored on 2nd HD)
Tascam Portastudio 564       -  has 6 inputs as mixer and I just use the line out to the USB Roxio box (RCA to RCA)
Alesis Nanoverb                   -  18-Bit Digital Effects Processor I loop in the 564.   ea channel (reverb, delay, chorus, etc.)
Alesis SR16 Drum Machine -  stereo channel on the 564
Yahmaha DX27 Keyboard   -  mono channel on the 564
Digitech RP3 Guitar Processor -  stereo channel on the 564
Bass guitar                             -   mono channel on the 564
Microphone                            -   mono channel on the 564

One thing I miss and I have ordered a USB midi cable convertor to PC.   Computers with soundcards on the motherboard do not offer Midi connection as the computer I have now.   Cakewalk had some awesome keyboard sounds that I could load on my DX27 and I am sure the Creator 3 has some.  Not sure what I will run into here!

Again I hope I haven’t bored you!!!


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Pete!   I had a little time and listened to a couple of videos on your link and the mikes you use on your system are hot!  I can't believe how loud and clear it is.   Right on!  I am going to try to write down all my equipment before I go to work and give a list!
Thank you so much for letting me share!


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No SPAMMING here.   Trust me.   You can not buy my music from my website. To be truthfulll nobody buys my music sad   The website stays or I go.   If I get time tomorrow, if I am not booted,  I will will get into a discussion with Jerome and list what I am currently using and my experience with the Cakewalk and where I am now with recording.  I have a Tascam 564 I just use as a mixer that I bought out on the East coast and paid dearly just to find out two weeks later it was old technology and they were marked down 60%...   I have explain my DAW setup I have now.   I really cheated but it works!


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Russell  I appoligize I did not know that....  I shouldn't have mentioned "links to where they are for sale", which you might want to remove that whole line also.  That was not my intention in the first way.  I thought people could listen preview of my songs for feedback and discussion of the quality.  Live and learn!    Did you listen to anything before you deleted? 
Live and learn!
PS: Mom always said; Growing old is not for the weak!


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I am a new member of Chordie and have been entertaining a home studio for about 12 years.  I started with Cakewalk Home Studio and an old Packard Bell computer.   Not enough memory and disk space but I did manage to complete my first album after losing everything I worked on except for the mixed masters.    I have been playing 40 plus years in local bands on the weekends mainly as a bass player but I did do a few years as rhythm and small bit keyboards.
   The album, "Initial Series - White Rock”, from which I have written all the material and played all instruments with the accompaniment of  a Alesis 16 drum machine. 
It was released through Distrophonix on December 2010 after I had remixed and added some tunes.   I got away from the studio because I upgraded to Music Creator 3 and could never get anything to work right, then updated PC and latest version of windows but nothing ever would function properly.  I have since upgraded to a HP 6000 Pro and running XP Pro software and everything seems to be working great.   I have actually revisited one of my instrumental songs "Country Folk" and even added lyrics.   Who says you can't sing instrumental songs smile
Any who this is a sample of my latest revisited work and working on more!
Would appreciate any feedback, questions or recommendations about my work.