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I went to a Tommy Emanuel and Michael Kelsey concert Friday night. Awesome pair individually and together. Enjoyed it very much and will look for them again when they come back.


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I use Elixir Polyweb and love them. I bought a set of Martin's and two strings broke while I put them on. The store would not exchange.  Never again. Elixir's sound great and last longer.


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I just recently listened to a trio called "California Guitar Trio ". They are three guys from three different countries with completely different sounds, playing together.  They are absolutely amazing.  It took a friend from Barcelona Spain who turned me on to them. I have never heard anything like them. Definitely worth checking out.


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I found the lyric's for "Money Won't" by Brandon Mac Farlane, but I cannot find the chords or tabs.  Any body got them or know where to get them? Great song.