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Hi everyone
Hope you all don`t mind but i am feeling quite pleased with myself and wanted to share it with people who probably understand how i am feeling , been playing now for about 10 months and coming along not too bad , but have always struggled with being able to sing along while playing , was on the verge of giving up trying when it just seems to have all come together on the songs i am learning , i suppose its because of practising playing the songs to the point of not really thinking too much about it ,you can put more effort into learning the vocals , although my singing voice is not brilliant it just seems to add a new dimension to the song ,  Well sorry about droning on but hope you all know what i mean . thanks


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I remember seeing the stones in their heyday and it cost me around £1 50p , excuse my ignorance but i guess this is about just under $2 , if the price of tickets has gone up 350% how come my wages haven`t gone up to match !!


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one of my favourite moments on the  woodstock dvd when he does motherless child / freedom still watch it regularly even now , don`t know much of his other stuff but always sad to lose a performer ,thanks Ritchie r.i.p.


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beamer wrote:

I am hoping that the new CD is going to be KICK BUTT.  I have always been a Sabbath fan. Ozzy days most, but I love the DIO era and have Dehumanizer with Dio also.

Ozzy is actually looking pretty good these days.  I think you have done the right thing, I dont konw if I will be able to see them here in the states, but at least I have seen Ozzy live.  What a great showman!

So for thoes of us who can not be there rock a little for us too! \m/ \m/

Yep will definitely be rocking !!! hope that they get over to the states for you . Never got into the Dio era sabbath mainly because i thought the first 5 albums with ozzy would never be bettered ,am looking forward to the new album have heard a couple of snippets and sounds quite promising


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Phill Williams wrote:

i'm not going, just wanted to say that it's a bit sad when you have to pay top dollar to see a home town band. enjoy all the same, wish i could come.


Yep when i saw the price of tickets i said i wouldn`t pay that much but the last time i saw them was about 1974ish , and they are my all time favourite  band , and as we are all getting older the chance might not come around again !! but it is not nice the way these bands are charging top money nowadays , i doubt its that they need the money !!


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Just got tickets for sabbath uk tour bit pricey but really looking forward to it , anyone else going ?


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bensonp wrote:

Pete Townsend slapped some guitars around in his day, didn't he?

at least Pete Townsend threw his guitars around artisticly mine was more a geriatric slow motion movement !!


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Fire art  wrote:

I have not tryed that technic yet

not recommended !! don`t think i`ll be trying it again

Hi guys
Had my first go at restringing my acoustic yesterday , all was going well until i decided to have a seat while i was doing it , went to stretch to reach tuners , obviously overstretched , chair started to slip next thing ended up in a heap on the floor !!  Luckily no damage done to me or guitar ! but guitar sounds much better now !!


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just a quick update on this have put some holes through my jim dunlop picks and it seems to be working really well one problem solved onto the next one now !!!! thanks guys


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thanks again i shall keep perservering


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not dropped one in sound hole yet but have come close !! thanks everyone will have a look at some of the suggestions


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Hi everyone I am new to guitar playing and new to this forum so thought i would just say hi . I have been trying to learn guitar for about 8 months now and am quite pleased with the progress i have made, the one area i still find a struggle is what pick to use i have tried plastic and nylon ones thick and thin ones but they all seem to slide about in my fingers when playing , i seem to get on better with the thin ones but not too sure i like the sound i get , any tips would be appreciated.  Thanks