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I had a sorta epiphany on strumming, keeping rhythm,  being able to really play a song reasonably well. I have done all the online lessons. And the most often asked question is about strum patterns. Wrong question and usually wrong answer. Say 4/4 ddu upu 6 strums or 7 or 5 or whatever. No lesson goes into how to maintain 4/4 when using any odd strum pattern. I didn't really realize it until I tried a few songs in 3/4 and found out I really didn't grasp timing/rhythm (dumbster). Just a word to other new (to guitar) folk. Strum pattern ddu upside down doesn't matter Make sure you  start off getting the right number of strums or absence of a strum to get the beat of the song (music) in the correct time.You may add whatever you wish between the beat but you are essentially doing close to what a drummer is doing, keeping time. smile


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Thanks, sure is easier chord changes down 3.. Nice video, I may not sound good singing that low, however, alone in my room it sounds great lol. I think I will try to learn it in both keys, just for practice. Also working on Dock of the bay alternating from mostly barre to all open. My learning method is find a tab for any song I like and try to play it. I am still shaky but if I go slow I do OK.
I am not going to live long enough to be as proficient as you, but it is fun trying to get better... Jim


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Hi, I am trying to learn Your Cheating heart. The change from C7 to F barre to G7 is giving me fits in a pleasant sort of way. So far all my muscle memory has been able to grasp is my coffee cup. lol. I liked that song when It was a #1 hit. (yep I'M old as dirt)..