I still have my skype. We used to do that too.     


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Well I went out and got my 500 rolls of TP yesterday. big_smile

I haven't been very sociable the last few months so it's unlikely I'll get exposed to this bug. I'm one to keep a lot of supplies on hand all the time so no running to the store and dealing with the chaos. You'd think there is a blizzard in the forecast the way stuff is flying of the shelves. roll

The main reason I've been a recluse is that my dad got sick back in November and I started spending a lot of time up north with my folks. He passed on to the great woodworking shop in the sky at the end of January and I've basically been living with mom and helping her adjust to her new life up until a week ago. Unfortunately 3 months of not working has caught up to me financially so I'm home now, back to work and back online. 

My one brother, a sister and a cousin played a song at the funeral and someone recorded it. Some of you will recognize me; 2nd from the right. On my left is the cousin and to my right, the sister and brother. I just barely got through it.


Merry Christmas to all the Chordie family. smile     


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State College, Pa.

Hi Mary. smile Welcome to the forum.     


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Grah1 wrote:

Somebody please explain the secret  of getting more views I'd be grateful to know.

Share the link with as many people as you can. Have all those people share it. Then they can pass it on and they can pass it on and they can pass it on. Etc, etc, etc.     


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I believe 99 is the limit but you can start another book.     


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So sorry to hear that Rick. While I haven't been posting much in the last year, I do stop in and read.

I hope there is a chance that things can turn in a more positive direction for you. Good luck.     


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TIGLJK wrote:

That is an amazing story.

SO cool !

UJB - How far is your place from Hughesville PA ?

Depends on traffic in Shamokin Dam. At the right time of day, I can make it to Williamsport in about 1:40. If traffic is bound up in SD, closer to 2 hours. PM me if you would like details.     


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Very cool story Robert. Should be 5-6 Deadheads here. They'll love to hear that one.

See you Friday.  Jim and Amy think they'll be coming down Thursday.     


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Robert Hunter, the poet and writer who provided the Grateful Dead with many of their vivid and enduring lyrics, died Monday night. He was 78. No cause of death was provided...

...Considered one of rock’s most ambitious and dazzling lyricists, Hunter was the literary counterpoint to the band’s musical experimentation. His lyrics — heard in everything from early Dead classics like “Dark Star” and “China Cat Sunflower” and proceeding through “Uncle John’s Band,” "Ripple," “Box of Rain,” “Scarlet Begonias,” and “Touch of Gray”— were as much a part of the band as Jerry Garcia’s singing and guitar.

https://www.yahoo.com/news/robert-hunte … kfmevaatca 


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Here is a thread that may be helpful.



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So sorry to hear that Zurf. sad

Condolences to you and his family.     


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TIGLJK wrote:

Thanks Beamer !

I hope to record it and post it sometime in the near future.


Better yet; why don't you pop up to Syracuse this weekend and debut it live? A few of us could play along.

Just sayin' smile


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I responded to Thomas and gave him the link to this thread.

Thanks guys. smile     


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I received a private message from ThomasCanterbury1916 asking:


Why do fellow posters, (God love em',) insert non-highlighted chord names (i.e.) a,b, dm etc. instead of blue colored
diagram chords, like they do for most of the song?

Tom Canterbury sierra madre,

Why do posters use the name of chords, (i.e) e,g,d,a, when they are already using blue highlighted
named chords with diagrams...?

I can't answer as to why people do things in different ways so I'm putting it out here for anyone to respond. smile

joeyjoeyjoey wrote:

I`m actually down to 28 now..

I'm down to 11. Shooting for 8. smile     


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TIGLJK wrote:

UJB  What is the date of the jubliee ?
Amy is hardly ever on here anymore, i thought may be she wasn't doing that anymore.


She was thinking about not having it this year but I gave her a little nudge. smile I'll have to prod her to log in and make a mention of it here.

It's the weekend of August 16-18.

You really should think about coming. Would be great to meet another Chordian. smile     


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Tenement Funster wrote:

This is now my 4,000th post since joining Chordie in 2013, so I thought it would be appropriate to express profound gratitude to Per (our gracious creator / host) and Roger (his lieutenant) for the amazing resource they have created for guitarists of all skill levels, musical tastes, and from around the world. This international collaboration of interesting, supportive, and very talented musicians and songwriters have been an ongoing source of inspiration to me, for which I am deeply appreciative.

To all of my fellow-Chordians ... you are what makes Chordie great. Thanks for the friendship, the ongoing banter,  the sharing of knowledge, and the encouragement.


I believe I hear a song in that thar post.

Maybe one of our talented lyricist could turn those sentiments into music. smile     


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And again I'll ask; How do you guys do that!? smile

Great song! You really need to shoot up to Amy's place next month.     


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WOW Phill. That is quite moving. Wish I had the talent to express myself the way you do. 5 Stars from me!     


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So sorry for your loss Jim. We all lose people near and dear to us as  goes by and you're right, it takes time to process the changes. All the best to you.     


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Tenement Funster wrote:

Terrific idea to ask this question, CG, and it's something performing musicians need to think about seriously.

I don't play in a band and usually don't play very loud at home. However I do wear hearing protection when running power tools, since woodworking is one of my favorite past times. I find these ones (below) work best, and I'll just have them around my neck until I turn on the saw, planer, jointer, etc. They reduce the sound by around 25 db, which hopefully keep me from going deaf in older age.


I have the same type.

I started working in the tree care industry in 1982. Lots of noise from chainsaws, wood chippers, etc. I never gave a thought to hearing protection until someone gave me the banded ear plugs. They are so convenient hanging around your neck when you need them. I never used them at concerts but I'm never without them when I'm running equipment. I'm sure they've added years to my hearing ability.     


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I'm back in the dating world; 6 months now. Spending more time with people than with the computer. smile     


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Should I expect to see you coasting into my driveway this summer? lol


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The fellow I use charges $45.00 for a standard setup.