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First song I knew all the way through without the book was Nights in White Satin although I always stumbled on the F so I gave it up. First one I could play well was Down on the Corner. Yeah I know, still has the F but I had mastered it by then. Still one of my favorites and one that didn't get lost in my 20 year break from playing.


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I'm self taught as well. Started with a chord chart and a few books of songs. There was no such thing as YouTube when I started learning in the late 70's. If you can put a few songs out and enjoy what you're doing, you're right where you need to be.

The first song I learned to play, and play well was Down on the Corner by CCR. I wasn't really sure how it sounded to others until another player said to me: "Don't try to play it like someone else, make it your own." It did me a world of good and gave me a shot of confidence that spurred me on to learn more and not be worried if it didn't sound exactly like the original artist.


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badeye wrote:

We are moving from a 3000 square house to a 900 square house, no stairs to climb, heating cost will be much lower, three out buildings, one for my woodworking shop [happy about that], fresh mountain air, and still a big kitchen for guitar jams. 

thanks again guys,,,,  badeye   cool

We made a similar move a couple years ago. Went from 2500sf to 1100sf. We have 2 outbuildings. One for me and one for chickens. We also now have a pond and a lot of area for gardening. There may even be a couple goats in our future.

I used to have 2 guitars on the wall. I hung them horizontally with the strap. They lived there for a year or so when it dawned on me that it could be putting undue stress on the neck/body joint that wasn't designed for continuous pressure in the direction. On top of that we heat exclusively with wood now. Loading the wood and cleaning the ash from the stove was leaving a layer of dust pretty quick. I decide they were better left in the case.


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easybeat wrote:

Barre Chords was my turning point.

Agreed. I was overwhelmed when I learned how barre chords worked. So simple once you understand them. Meeting someone to play with on a regular basis led to major improvement as well. Then I was introduced to the 1, 4, 5. Now when someone says Blues in "A" I under stand what they're talking about.


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jerome.oneil wrote:

Don't let it intimidate you.  It's really not that complicated.  A little practice and a little study, and you'll have a moment of clarity.  Then the sky is the limit!

To someone like me who's never delved into scales, it actually is a bit intimidating. But it doesn't look as complicated as I imagined it would be. A bit like barre chords. When I discovered the finger structure and then realized how easy it was to transfer that structure to any place on the fretboard... and then realized everything was all lined up in neat little rows, it was like a giant floodlight being turned on. It opened up a whole new world of playing for me. I'm guessing it will be the same for scales.

Thank you for taking the time to put this together and share it with those of us that are a little less informed. smile

Yeah, Yeah I know. A newbie breaking out the ancient threads. roll smile


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Today was the first day of trout for us here in Pa. It's a horrible day! Pouring down rain and a steady 30mph wind with gusts to 40mph. Personally I prefer lake fishing. I like those big bass. smile We have a 1/4 acre pond with some good size bass but they're pretty smart and know how to avoid the hook. The catfish on the other hand could take a few lessons from the bass. lol


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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.

topdown- The name kinda just happened the first day we played at the assisted living facility. There were 3 of us that day. A girl joined us to sing. We finished our set with This Land Is Your Land so everyone could join in and one of the ladies asked us what we called ourselves. We sort of looked at each other with this perplexed look on our faces since we never really thought about it. Since I was known as UncleJoe in our group and we played a lot of Dead. I finally broke the silence and said Unclejoesband; a play on words with the Dead song Uncle John's Band, since we had played it that day. It stuck.

I've heard of skype but have no idea how it works. roll I'm guessing I would need a mic and camera of which I have neither.

[JoeyJoeyJoey, I was Joey for the longest time. A couple of my aunts still call me that.

Thanks again for the warm welcome. smile


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Hello all,

I found chordie a few days ago while doing a search for "Piano Man" lyrics. My know-it-all step-son insisted the opening line was; "It's 5:00 on a Saturday" (he's into the new country). Growing up in that era I knew it was 9:00.

Anyway, WOW! I'm not sure I've ever seen such an extensive and diverse music library. I'm impressed!  I've poked around the forum a bit and it seems to have a membership that is quite friendly just as diverse as the library.

About me; I'm a 30 year player although the guitars took a long dust nap in the closet while the kids were growing up. They were into sports more than music. The third and last one headed off to college last fall so over the course of this long, brutal winter I pulled out one of the guitars and started to refresh my memory; and it needs a LOT of refreshing. Never took the time to learn the scales so I'm just a rhythm player.   

My main musical tastes reside in the 70's. I spent the better part of the 80's following the Dead up and down the East Coast so that gives you another idea where I come from. During that time I had a playing partner. We had an 80-100 song repertoire. We did a couple open-mic nights, played at many parties and an assisted living facility a few times. Of course things change. My kids started coming and he moved about 100 miles away. So now it's just me relearning what faded away from 20 years of neglect.

I'm not sure how much I can add to the board, as the core group of posters appear to be semi to professional players. I'm just your average Joe that enjoys playing but I'll certainly contribute if I find I have something worth contributing.

Thanks for a great site.


BTW if there is anyone in the "West Shore" area of Hbg, Pa and you're looking for someone to play with, speak up. smile