TF ...  thanks so much and sorry for my late reply, I have been away on holiday smile     

Will be putting this up tomorrow hopefully, sorry everyone for the lateness ...... I have been away on holiday.     

Oh oops yes neo lol yikes     

On that note everyone, sorry the next months FSOTM (which is now this month) is running a bit late as I have been away, so I will do my very best to post it tomorrow afternoon.  Apoligees for the lateness of it.     

Ok back from holiday, so having a catch up tonight.

neo ........... managed to get on tonight to listen, must have been a clinch somewhere in the system when I tried last time.  Ditto to what Peatle said, you give everything ago which in itself is great.  I thought of the two covers Crazy was the better.  I liked the the way you strummed it too.  The other song You and Me you covered seemed a lot harder as the vocals were a lot deeper in the chord you were singing it in.  A hard song to sing I think, so points for having a go at it smile

Roger.......... no worries, totally understand what busy is ..... it's been crazy busy here for the last 6 weeks here for me too.  Just when you get time, put it up as we would love to hear it  smile

As for your challenge to me for These Boots neo, I just haven't had time but I will attempt it at some stage when I have caught up with stuff here at home and post it smile     

Peatle ....... thank you for comments.  Yes I liked the harmony effect with this song too, but I am disappointed with my guitar playing.  Maybe when I get back I can try again on the guitar.

neophytte ......... thanks for having a listen and feedback.     

neo ... I will have a listen to these on the weekend, I am tied up busy the next few days, but at least the link is working now.     


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jets60, well written, enjoyed listening to it very much.     

It Takes Two - TIGLJK

This is a beautiful song written by TIGLJK.   I loved the lyrics and the songs heart. I just had to attempt covering it. Though I am not the best guitar player and still learning, this is my attempt at recording it.

CG ....... fantastic, really enjoyed listening to it, you have a real talent.  Think this is the first time I have heard you play or present something, wonderful, glad you have joined in smile     


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Jim, you have done it again!  You really do have a gift for writing, you make it look easy (but it`s not, well at least not for me).  Anyway, love it! Thank you also for the lovely tribute in the song about the garden for my dad and myself, that was such a lovely thing to do, wow thank you  smile     


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Well written beamer .... wow, feel your heart in this writing .     

It is just great to see you and your son having a great time together .... jamming and having fun!  Awesome!  A question on the side ........... was it hot or cold there? you are in sweatshirt, jeans, slippers and your son was in a singlet and shorts..........? lol smile     


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fantastic neo ............ start them young (if they enjoy it) ..... leads to a life time of pleasure     


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Hi Tonny91 .... nice to see you post a song you have written.  Well done, look forward to hearing it if you want to post it for us to listen to smile     


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Baldguitardude ............. after listening to the other Sandman song by Metallica , I realised I had heard it before, just didn't know that was the name of it lol.  And believe it or not, years ago (and I am talking years ago) I learnt to play some of that on guitar but never knew the words, only the instrumental ......I wouldn't even remember how to play it now a days lol.     


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Baldguitardude .......... thanks for the feedback.  It a fun song and that I like doing ............ have to say I don`t know the other song your talking about but I will google it now and have a listen.

Strummerboy Bill .............Thanks for the comments too.  How awesome for you, playing with Piccolo ........ is that where your drumming interest first came from?  That would have been a lot of fun and great experience.  Yes I can imagine, you would be great at the deep vocals with YES  smile     


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Wow, talented is all I can say and I can hear the hours of practice .......... brillant ........ such easy listening music to listen too .... very chillaxed listening to it.  Bravo!!     


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Brillant Peatle, you nailed it with this song.  Liked the lyrics, liked the blues and vocals, and guitar work suited it.  Nicely put together with the visual on You Tube as well.  Well done Peatle all round smile     


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Well, that's weird, I did nothing and today it is working!  Go figure *scratching my head*     


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Awwww well written, from the heart, no wonder Anne was teary eyed ....... well done you smile     


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Ok thanks neo smile     

Gosh no suggestions from anyone yet?

Here are a few suggestions from me:
Country ..... Friends in Low Places (Garth Brooks)
Folk ......   Blowin' in the Wind (Bob Dylan)
Blues/Swing ..... Summertime (George Gershwin)
Pop ..... Cupid (Sam Cooke song)  -  [critic Bill Janovitz described the track as a "perfect pop song" which combines "Latin, R&B, jazz, and mainstream pop elements]
Reggae .... No Woman No Cry (Bob Marley)
Soul .... Stand By Me ( Ben E King)   
Rock .... I Should`ve Known Better (The Beatles)

(edited by Jandle to add the Rock song)

Looking forward to hearing you Bill, think it will be the first time smile     

hey neo both those links you put up don`t work.