Happy Birthday Bill. I loved the Waltzing Matilda song on youtube. Man you and Dondra are an awesome couple. It is now 9.23 am New Years morning here. Tuning into your New Year contributions has made our morning more fun. Our thoughts are with Dondra and hope she is managing to get some enjoyment out of today.
Love Pete and Maree

Happy New Year from New Zealand it is now 35 minutes into 2016.(12.35am) Hope everyone enjoys the evening. Thank you for putting my New Year song up. 

Bill our hearts are with you. It is just under 6 hours away from the start of 2016 down here in our part of the world. We  here will be thinking of you and Dondra and asking God to give you a better 2016.
Maree and Pete


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You got the song writing gift. Excellent.


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Bill and Dondra
Your Sunshine beamed out even in your very difficult times this year. You two are legends and we feel privileged to know two wonderful people. Your shining lights remind us not to let the challenges of life overwhelm us.
Love to you both.
Peatle and Maree


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Phill you are a genius of a musician and songwriter. What you do is magic. I find if I think to hard about song writing nothing happens. When I am completely relaxed without a care in the world lyrics and melodies start popping into my head. I have only been writing songs for about a  year so I have a lot to learn. Easybeat got me playing guitar and composing which has turned out as a great way for me to just chill out and relax.

Now I am in my sixties I still haven't figured out what I am going to do when I grow up.


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Thank you E B , Tenement and T7. When I look back at the young Peatle under 30 he seems like a different person to who I am now. I am hoping some one will take my lyrics put their own version of I'm Heading Home up with a better voice and playing than what I have put out. Jandle and EB gave me some good ideas on how to make it into what I have put up. The first draft was really bad.


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Jim you describe perfectly how I feel about the love of my life my wife. I am looking forward to hearing you sing it.


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I will post this as a poem even though I have put it up on soundcloud as a song. I sing  play guitar and piano by feel and very rarely think about what I am playing. This song ,,poem is me remembering what was going through my mind on the morning before heading back to my home town when I was in my late twenties. I had been away for a few years and wanted a more settled down steady life. I use the word road in the song but I was actually catching a plane from Sydney, Australia across the Tasman sea to Wellington, New Zealand. For those who play guitar and had a listen to it sung on soundcloud. The bass line  is basically C and D  picked on the A string with the chords  D and E on the rhythm bits. I think as a song someone else could do it better. As a poem I would cut the repeated lyrics on the chorus if I was reciting it without singing. Any feed back good or bad always welcome.

                                                  I'm Heading Home.

Its early in the morning as I try to gather my thoughts before hitting the road.
I've been away far,far to long.
Travelling lonely roads.
Trying to find adventure in all the wrong places.
I know I had to get away and give it a go because nothing ventured then there is nothing gained.
I know that  while I've been travelling around my friends back home have most probably settled down.
Maybe started families.
I know the time has come for me to maybe settle down.
I think the best place for me right now is back home.
I'm heading home.
I'm heading home.
I'm heading home.
I'm heading home.
Will my old friends still have something in common with me or am I going to be the odd one out.
Oh well only time will tell.
I'm heading home.
I'm heading home.
I'm heading home.
I'm heading home.
The time has come for me to find a steady life.
Try and get a steady job.
If I'm lucky I might even find a wife.
I'm heading home.
I'm heading home.
I'm heading home.
I'm heading home.
I'm heading home.
I'm heading home.
Well you know that eventually you got to make a decision and I know I can't keep travelling that lonely road.
I've got to find some sort of settled down new direction.
I'm heading home.
I'm heading home.
I'm heading home.
I'm heading home.
I know that's most probably the best place for me and I hope that it works out.
It's definitely time to settle down and get a steady life.
I'm heading home.
I'm heading home.
I'm heading home.
I'm heading home.
I'm heading home.


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Unclejoesband your doing a great job. Hope more people send their details.


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Great message in those words. It reminds me of that saying Through the eyes of a child you will see the world as it ought to be.


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Beesty have you ever thought about putting a poetry book out of your poems??? I would like to buy a copy.  When I read your words about life and history in poetry or songs they hit the right spot for me. I salute you the Bard of Wainuiomata.
For those not from here  that last word in the sentence sounds like this Why- New- E- A- Mata. Beastie's part of Welly Town.


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Those lyrics apply to more and more people every day well written. By the way Bestie ,  Uncle Joes band  down on the Chat forum  under Geographical spread is putting together a good roll call and map of people on chordie. I hope you post your location detail on there.


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Top Lyrics


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Great production slick playing and delivery ,clever use of words.


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I dig it, clever delivery of excellent lyrics.


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Love the map unclejoesband and Dino.  My computer skills are very limited, fantastic that you have made peoples responses into something easier to visualise,  To all those who have replied so far thank you. I hope more will respond with a reply.


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I would love to know how many nations are represented on Chordie? Maybe if anyone reading this could please reply to this post with a simple response something like below I would be thankful. I only need a rough indication not an exact.

Peatle, Johnsonville, Wellington, New Zealand. Bottom of North Island, New Zealand. The North Island and the South Island of NZ  is separated by the Cook Strait. Wellington is the Capital city of NZ.


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Drink more beer if it makes you put your songs out. Releasing your song electronically for Christmas perfect timing.


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Special greetings Jim.
You finally hit the nail on the head with your last magic version up on soundcloud. It is a great song, one that will stand the test of time and speak to many. You put your heart and soul into it which has made it work. You are an excellent songwriter. Thank you for sharing your talent with us down here in New Zealand and the rest of the world.


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Wonderful News, that pacemaker should have been put in earlier on. It is a shame with technology taking jobs away and creating less need for people in the work force that most big Corporations don't pay their fair share of taxes. Any good society needs to look after its citizens health through tax dollars. Today as an example 70% of the worlds share trading is done by computers. We all have noticed technology that has replaced people in the work force and the demise of small business being able to compete in the market place. We now have the majority of big Corporates not paying their fare share of taxes worldwide. They usually donate some money back to society as a marketing exercise. Little Islands that are tax havens might benefit but most of the developed world misses out. Governments and bean counters need to value their citizens more.


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Sorry my computer sent last post as I started writing. Your not the backing vocalist your part of a duo which works great, love listening to it. I could Imagine you and Brian doing a good cover of  Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra's These Boots Are Made For Walking.


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Your not backing Vocalist your pa


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Jim I actually think your voice has it own wonderful quality it has a Bob sort Dylanish feel but it is still is unique to you. I just record on a cheap cell phone and don't have any fancy gear. My cover is not that great, what I was hoping to sort of pass on was you could make the song even more yours by subtly getting away from knocking on Heavens Door. I love this song lyrically I have a feeling that you could pull it away a bit more from the  knocking on Heaven Door backing and make it even more yours. Having said that your version is far superior to my attempt. Your a  song writer extraordinaire.  I, like you think that Phills musical talent is freaking awesome.


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Wow great lyrics I would do it with just two chords G and C.   I will bang it out that way and pop  it up on soundcloud for a couple of days. Hope you don't mind . I will take it down because it is yours. All I can say is it is a great song. I just want you to hear it done by some one else.