I can't seem to find anyway to make the Chorus Italics.  I only have bar,  indent, shade, but no way to make the chorus italics as well. It would be nice to add more formatting options to this.

I've seen this on other websites


But can't get it to work on my SongBook App for Android which follows the chordpro format.

Is this {comment_italic:text} part of the chordpro format?


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What does the raw chordpro look like to add superscript formatting like you do?  That's a great idea.

Roger Guppy wrote:

Using ChordPro you are governed by their formatting so I always write songs out as below so I, and my students, know exactly what we are doing. Assuming there are four beats in a bar will put a chord for every bar, if it is less then I will add a superscript number for the beats it should be. Three dots after a chord indicates that it should strummed once and allowed to resonate for the allotted number of beats. (I will also use two dots to indicate that a chord is strummed once and immediately deadened and one dot to indicate that the chord is not played at all). The example below is the final couple of lines of James Blunts "You're Beautiful" showing 1, 2, 4 and 8 beats for chord and, in the final line single strums held for two, two and four beats.




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How do you address holding a chord for more than one beat?  What Chordie format is most common?  Such as a chord at the end of a line in a verse that stays on D for 3 beats.

I've seen many chord diagrams that all use different formats.

[E] [A] [D]||
[E] [A] [D]//
[E] [A] [D]././.

What, in your opinion, is the most common and easy to read?


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I have the Songbook app on my Samsung Tab S that I sync to the chordpro files I made stored in Dropbox.  Can I publicly share the Dropbox Chordpro songs to my SongBook on Chordie.com?

Since they are hosted in my Dropbox and not  on this this it protects you from liability. Seems it would be a nice feature to add.  A better way to control what chord sheet you are playing from, instead of some public file that may have errors.  I was surprised that a public chord sheet for Peaceful Easy Feeling I have been using for almost a month and had 4 out of 5 star rating, actually had Em missing from it.  Almost no public source is 100% accurate, but just trying to find a better solution.

I've been playing on and off for around 16 months, and just last week had my first face to face with an instructor.  He kept telling me to drop my thumb farther to the back of the neck so I don't have farther to stretch my fingers to reach some notes.  I always felt I had poor posture, and maybe picked up some bad habits with my fretting hand.  Now that I'm conscience of the placement of my thumb my chords are finally starting to sound cleaner.  Proper thumb placement is paramount when you get into bar chords.