Thanks - here is the band working it out: … hettes.mp3

Peatle Jville wrote:

Richard you are real. good.

Thanks ...

Peatle Jville wrote:

Richard enjoyed your Father And Son cover.  Tell your young Jai he has got a Kiwi fan good to see you got him onboard.

Thanks - we did about 3 songs on the weekend (the joy of one mic recording!!) but he likes this one best ... smile


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easybeat wrote:

that drumming is amazing,is that a human drummer?

Thanks, it was performed by our drummer at the time who has a wiki page about him ... (the things you learn!!)

Peatle Jville wrote:

People ask me, how do you write a song?
I don't write the song's they  write themselves.
If I try and write a song it won't work.
I can't go to a song  the song has to come to me.
Yeah you know  a song can have it's own  feet.
It doesn't need me, but I need the song.
It has to come to me.
I don't know when a song comes.
Usually it comes at inappropriate times.
When I am having a conversation.
And suddenly  this song will come to me.
And  I got  to sort of go home and write it down.
Pick up a guitar or  put it on  piano.
That's what happen's to me.
A  song will alway's come to me.
I will never go to a song.
If I try hard it won't work.
If I take it  easy and just relax.
That's when it come's out.
You got to  have  a clear head at time's to write a song.
Don't  want to over think it.
And you want to let it sort of  take it's  own course
Yes a good song has it's own  feet.
It doesn't need  you.
A song has a life of it's own.
Yeah a song is it's own beast,  it's own identity.
It has a life after your life.
If it's a good song.
Yeah  a good  song can travel further than youll  ever travel and be around lot longer than you.
Yeah a song writes'  itself.

You should make a song of this!!

Zurf wrote:
neophytte wrote:
Zurf wrote:

The rules seem to be somewhat fluid and (by mutual assent) barely enforced. It's all just a format for fun and learning, really.

Here is "Sundown" - the mic seems to have distorted a bit:


Liked it! Neat lively version. It's nice to be able to pull off a song so quickly.  it's taken me years to find a version of the song I like, and I bought a 12 string specifically to play this song that's how much I like it.  Still have years of arranging to go now that I've gotten a chord set that I like.

Thanks - I vaguely remember hearing this on the AM radio in the car as a kid; had to look up a YouTube video to get the gist of how it went smile

Zurf wrote:

Very nice neophyte.  You have a lovely home as well.  At least a lovely back yard.

Thanks - as a bonus, here is my son singing one of my songs ... smile

Ok, here is my attempt at the Cat Stevens song: with apologies for the end ....


Zurf wrote:
neophytte wrote:

- on that note, was I supposed to do "Sundown" as well?

The rules seem to be somewhat fluid and (by mutual assent) barely enforced. It's all just a format for fun and learning, really.

Here is "Sundown" - the mic seems to have distorted a bit:


Peatle Jville wrote:

Since no one seems to be posting I will put a modernised version of Father And Son up. Based on what  I hear some fathers and sons saying about each other today. I stretched the cover version rules a bit here..

LOL! That was quite a funny version .... smile

I did mine on the weekend, but haven't put the video up yet .... cause I stuffed up the end ...

This is an instrumental I recorded for the CD "West of the Nullarbor Wall":


And there's a copy on eBay now: … 736130893?

This is a really old recording of this song:

The singer was a (very young) daughter of Bernard Carney, who played with us for around a year ....

Thanks for all the replies smile


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Peatle Jville wrote:

You guys worked well together. I like the sound.

Thanks - the sync box in my studio was acting up around this time, so I think the timing for the keyboards "drifts" through the song - I did fix it, but can't find it now ....

Peatle Jville wrote:

I like the way you guys flow together.

Cheers!! smile

Peatle Jville wrote:

Great drums nice ,keyboards and  guitar. That style of vocal worked good also.

Thank you ... here's an old video of the band doing it: … AXRF1_b1zV


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TIGLJK wrote:

sounds good !

Thanks!! Here's an old video that was taken from a solo gig I did, back in the day ...


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Classical Guitar wrote:

Wow  bird calls, a bass and an organ. You have a complete band.

We were a four piece - here's a video from the mid 90's of the same song - from the best hand-held technology of the era, complete with shaky hand and people walking in front smile

Thanks for an interesting topic!!

I can't remember when my Dad bought the stereo, which replaced our (family) reel to reel deck, but I do remember it had a record player - we had a modest record collection, a lot of classical selections, some Rick Wakeman, some Sky, the pan flutes of George Zamfir, amongst others - then Dad left and took all those with him, meanwhile my sister got a cassette recorder and started collecting more contemporary artists (ABBA, Hits of (insert year)) which I started listening to ... it wasn't until we moved house that I inherited the record player (and some of the records) and started my paper round that I started listening to other (Rock!) music. Then I discovered all these secret albums I'd never heard before (Deep Purple, Led Zepplin, etc) at some dingy place long ago.

My parents didn't play music at home much - my Dad has a couple of mandolins, but only knows one or two tunes (owns them more for their aesthetic value), Mum took up the Omnichord later in life, and was in a couple of choirs for her local church. I bought myself an electric guitar at 19 but didn't really take it up for another couple of years after that ... then met some people and started to play, and haven't really stopped since then ...


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easybeat wrote:

Gidday Neo
wow bands/duo/solo you do it all.enjoying your music.
How about some lyrics /chords on songwriting forum.

Sure, was there anything you were after in particular? I've been sorting my music out slowly, so got most of the lyrics sorted, and a few to scan and PDF ...


Another with my band:


Another with my band ...


An instrumental from a different duo, I played the acoustic guitar and my friend played the strat with his marshall stack: … %20Art.mp3


Another old song from my band ... … cer-NC.mp3

Enjoy ...

I can't remember my first song, but I remember the Paul Kelly song "To her door" was amongst the first ... … 26227.html