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I was asked to come over and introduce myself, so 'Hi' ... I'm Richard, from Australia, been playing guitar for more years than I haven't - took a lull about 10 years ago while kids were born, now jamming with some older folk who like to play covers, so I've been using Chordie as a place to pick up the basic versions of the songs - fixed them up to my liking and play them when I'm not playing "Dad" ...

I also wrote a page to define chord shapes and add a graphic to put in the songs; it will also now show a chordpro definition for those who want to add barre chords to their songs: http://neophytte1.mine.nu:81/chord/

There's a bunch of my music in my signature if you want to check it out ...



I had a golden opportunity last night to participate in this - wife and kids in bed, brought out the guitar, set up my iPhone, set up mike, recorded a few songs; then I found the cable to the mike is not working - so have a load of videos and outtakes of silence and me strumming .... oh well, let's see when the next opportunity arises ...


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I see it's been over a year since the last update, but came here to find the diagrams unloadable - did they ever get fixed??


Anyone know where I can get the chords to any Deadly Nightshades music?

'That Song' video:

you tube watch?v=gPYzYM3a3Dk

'Red turns to Brown' video:
you tube watch?v=96AYKGrI8WQ&index=2&list=PLariGAclXOoZrA1S7aTjVGFzk6H8oxY0R

Thanks ...