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Hi guys, Ive started using setlist helper as I am looking a new lyric app for my band, I use Ultimate guitar but it is running slow these days and also doesnt allow for syncing between device so here are all the questions I need answered right now. If it helps, I currently use android and Mac. Any help would be appreciated.

1 - Is setlist helper the best lyric app for me? I do a solo gig, small 2-3 band gigs but my goal is for a wedding band who can sync to my songs if they want to.
2 - What is the best fastest way to add songs that work with the program. I use chordie and it seems to be very good.
3 - When I do add songs via Chordie on my android and it asks at the bottom to "Add song", do I need to change the view in chordie to ChordPRO first? Or will Setlist helper know to download the song in that form. Thanks! 


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