Re: Can't tune it

Nice one, Cam. I hope you get this sorted, and I hope it doesn't cost too much to do so. Sometimes your better buying a new one.

Picking up the guitar again totally changed my way of thinking in general. Hopefully it can give your nephew the lift he deserves.

all the very best,

Al V

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Re: Can't tune it

Hi Guys,
I'm new here.
Make sure the tuner is set to concert pitch 440,my tuner easily changes if you touch the wrong button when tuneing in a hurry or bad light at a gig.
Music and the guitar helped me out of depression a few yearsback ,and I went from not playing at all to 34 gigs in a band inside of a year.
It's good therapy so give him my best.

Re: Can't tune it

Well, I took it into the shop, had the neck adjusted, new strings, and cleaned up, tuning pegs screws tighten and now it plays and looks like a new one. One thing that was wrong was the strings were wrapped around to many times, and they were very old. I'm taking it back to my Nephew tomorrow, I'm sure he'll be happy. I hope I have got him started off on the right foot, He's very smart, if he picks it up quickly, maybe he'll windup teaching me a few things. Anyway, I wanted to thank everyone for all the advice, such good helpful friends here, thank you all!


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