Re: restringing a guitar.

well, I finally had to do it!  That darn G string frayed enough and while the guitar was sitting idle it just broke.  I guess it was one of those fiber nylon wrapped with metal deals... cuz when I opened up the new strings I saw that the G string in my new pack was a solid nylon string.  THANK GOD for that (I really beat that G string up something fierce!).  So, I watched every video I could find and read everything I could and I don't think I did too bad!  My knots are all nice and tight and I even wrapped the ends under.  I'm not really sure how I like the look of the knots up at the tuning pegs, so I might try something different there next time, but all and all it was a successful string change!  Thanks again to everyone for their suggestions!

I couldn't really play the first day cuz every few minutes I could hear those nylon strings going flat... I think it's calming down now tho and I can play for about an hour before they start going flat again.  Hopefully they'll even out in the next day or so.  It was quite a bummer to find that I couldn't play cuz there was a broken string... and then couldn't play immediatly after the change cuz the strings had to stretch!  I guess THIS is where having an extra guitar could come in QUITE handy!  LOL!

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