Re: where is everybody from?

Sacramento, CA but going to school in San Luis Obispo, CA. (in Southern Cali)

I am 19 and have been playing on and off for about 4 yrs. and I love Jesus.

Re: where is everybody from?

Hi everybody!
Im from Hamburg, Germany
Im 43 Years old!
Not much germans here! Hmmm....
How ever! Nice to meet you all!

Re: where is everybody from?

I'm 47, playing for 30, and still out of key.....

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Re: where is everybody from?

hi everyone im from houston tx im 26 years old  i've been playing acoustic on and off

for 2 years i love to play the guitar... and  i just want to say that chordie is great it

helped me so much ....

thanks chordie .....

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hi everybody!i am from Turkey.i am playing for almost 2 years.i have just signed up this site.ı hope it will be very helpful 4 me.but unfortunately sometimes ı have some problems about understanding this language. tongue

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Hello gitariminTeli - Sorry that I don't know how to make my keyboard produce the dotless i letters.  You know a whole more about English than I know about Turkish.  We all know that we love making Music - that is what this site is about.

Don't let language be a barrier - hope you find good stuff here and enjoy the forum.  James

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Austin, Texas... originally from Washington DC... taught myself  on a folk guitar for the last 3 years... actually my first lesson was a few year ago on the beach on the north shore of honshu in japan.... great stress relief from programming.

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hey i'm from edinburgh, scotland and i'm 17. been playing music forever but only just took up guitar and its by far the best! smile

Re: where is everybody from?

I'm from Georgia, but not state Georgia. It is a country near Russia, Black Sea

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45 years old.
From Hartlepool in the North east of England originally.
Now in Weston-super-Mare 20 miles south of Bristol.

Bin playing 2 years and cannot put the soddin thing down, and I thought golf and fishing where addictive. Prefer playing with others but am not good enough to be in a band at the moment but will keep trying.

Keep rockin` dudes.


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Re: where is everybody from?

I bet I'm the  youngest here..I'm 14 and I've been playing for 2 and a half years..mostly punk rock songs. I want to join a band but nobody wants me to since I'm a girl. I live in PEI and I love music!!

Re: where is everybody from?

I'm 46 from Cowal peninsula Scotland. Just found the site. Love it man. Oh and a wee note to Sarah, back in the seventies at the begining of punk it was full of girls. Think Suzi and the banchees, Toyah(in her early days) Debbie Harry. So start your own band.

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I am Gerrit  53 years young from Workum the Netherlands .
I play for about 37 years .Playing a acoustic Yamaha FG 160 that is about 27 years old and a Simon and Patrick Luthier 12 string guitar.
Sinds I found this sites I play more and more.

Re: where is everybody from?

Manchester in good old rainy England

i'm 17 been playing since i was 10 and am in the process of arranging my first gig!!

wish me luck!

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Hi everybody. I'm from Skopje, Macedonia, a country which probably lies in the James McCormick's "who-knows-where-else" category for most of you. But nevertheless, it's all cool. After all, I'm a good example on how far this guitar brotherhood goes smile

P.S. RESPECT for the 'St.Mirren guy', and ESPECIALLY for the '68 years YOUNG' guy. It killed me. lol

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Hey Everyone!  What a melting pot we have here.  It's great.  I've been living in Calgary, AB, Canada the past 17 yrs.  From Halifax, NS originally.  43 yr old female been playing almost a year now.  Actually played about 25 yrs ago as a beginner but broke up with the guy who had all the guitars and finally bought my own last year!  Wish I had done it sooner but better late than never.   

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I'm  from beautiful las vegas ,nv. been playing since i was 14, now turning 60. i've had more guitars than i can remember.{not saying much. the 60s were good to me.} i play almost exclusively acoustic now. my first guitar was a '62 gibson melody maker and my last purchase was a new martin D-35. my "player" is a 5 yr old martin D-15.

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Re: where is everybody from?


I'm from Rabun County, Georgia, US.........I'm 14 and my best friend Tori has been helping me learn how to play for about 2 days tongue ...... LOL..............I really am enjoying it so brother has been playing for about 2 years but he could't help me because he only knows how to play metal on the electric smile I like country on the accoustic....we're perty different... But I still love him like crazy!!!

P.S....hellatizight......I LOVE JESUS TOO!!!!!! he's the best thing in this world/universe!!!!!!!!

takes one to know one


it takes one to know one. roll


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Re: where is everybody from?

I am 40 years young and reside in Largo, Florida, USA.

I play music professionally, have done so since I turned 17. Play mostly solo but do a few duo,trio, and full band gigs. Do mostly cover songs but enjoy writing original material in my free time. I play many various instruments but guitar is my main squeeze. I am adamantly against performing with pre-recorded music. Every sound that comes out of my speakers are made on the stage by the musician(s) on that stage. I've recently incoorporated "looping" into my performances. I chose the Boss RC 20 XL model. Many people are amazed by the process in which a song is literally built right before their eyes. These devices are the most useful piece of music equipment made in years. They're now affordable for the average musician. (app $250) If you're a dude and wear eyeliner, please stop. It does not make you a better musician;>/

Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it..........

...thanks Chordie for making me a better musician

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Re: where is everybody from?

Aloha guys! 28 year old Hawaiian boy living in Nebraska. Originally born in Germany(ex-Military brat).

Only really been playing for the past 8 months and loving it. I'm the worship leader at my church and wanted to learn to play guitar and add a different sound to the service. I'd eventually love to learn to play latin style fingerpicking, but that's later on down the road. Once you get the basics down, the possibilities are endless.

Re: where is everybody from?

Great Site Everyone!! I found it while searching for some Brad Paisley songs from the Cars Motion Picture smile  I'm from a town in Cental California called Ceres.I've been playing ever since a guitar class in junior High School.My father traded a set of golf clubs for my first guitar(gave it away a few years ago).I'm now 39 years old and still strumming away!!


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hi im george im only learning to play at the moment (tho my dad is real good) im 29 and a singer so i thought it wise to play aswell i love country especially johnny cash hes tha man although i do like all the older stuff like hank williams and co by the way im 29 from belfast

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Re: where is everybody from?

Welcome my Northern friend to Chordie. . You wont regret one minute of it!

This site is like Santas Grotta at Christmas, you will find every thing here!

So all i can say is "What About Ya ?

From a Southern Neighbour,

Old Doll.

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Re: where is everybody from?

Hi all in the chordie clan im from glasgow and been playing or trying to as is the case since August 2006, love guitar and love this this site its the nutz.

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    smile because it happened.    Gabriel García Marquez

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Re: where is everybody from?

I'm from Norway (living near the polar circle). I've been playing guitar since I was 10.... I Turned 40 this year..... That would be 30 years training... really!