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Mine asks me to hang them in different rooms. She thinks they are cool decor. I also have a Les Paul painting and oils of Hendrix, Ray Charles, and Thelonius Monk in our foyer, as well as a shadow box of my first CD. She's really supportive (which is great since I don't think she's a huge fan of my preferred genres of music).

She's also supportive when I bring home an impulsively purchased ES 335 or other high end axe. Good girl I got.

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B G D.  Wanna trade wives?

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No swapping gentlemen.

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LOL. She doesn't cook and works too much. And we have a 14'x14' closet that is mostly full of her shoes. Just thought I'd give you downsides too. Oh, we also have 5 dogs and two cats.

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My wife has encouraged me in everything musical I've done. She even booked me guitar lessons when I was starting out many years ago and always has shown an interest in my songwriting etc.
She's a diamond...

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"Still on the same wife.4 electrics,4 acoustics,1-6 string banjo and a lap steel,8 amps,1 PA.My daughter has 2 amps 1 acoustic,4 electrics,2 basses,1 uke, an organ and a keyboard, and she is only 14. Not to mention a drumkit so any drummers can travel light. There is so much that they probably all look the same to my wife. Some of these I have had for 30 years. I`ve been with my wife for 27 years. Never once have any of the guitars or amps ever complained about the room they take up. Truthfully,I never knew how many there were until I did this post just now. Talk about GAS" ~ Joey

Not many people have been married for 27 years. Good job.

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During our 38 years together, Jen has never complained about my toys although once she did ask how many kayaks I really need.  Right now I've got 5 yaks, a canoe and raft with various oars and paddles out in the garage along with 14 rigged fishing rods, tons of tackle, 5 tents, 4 camping stoves, 5 sleeping bags, backpacks, drybags, etc.  In comparison, having 5 acoustics in the house isn't so bad I guess.  On the other hand she has a pottery wheel and kiln out in the garage along with a couple hundred pounds of different clays.  In the house she has 2 easels, stacks of stretched canvas, dozens of expensive artist brushes plus tubes of acrylics, oils and watercolors everywhere.  I guess that is what happens when an artist marries a guitar-pickin' river bum.


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She loves my guitars, my best friend and a great cook.

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I have 5 guitars, my oldest son has 4 and my younger son has 2 bass's. She's out numbered. Except I'm not allowed to buy any more!!!!!!

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topdown wrote:

^The sammich part is kind of a joke big_smile  My wife just laughs at me when I tell her that!

Ah.  My wife could burn water, and I'm a good cook, so she's only allowed in on special occasions.   I own the kitchen and the garage.  She gets everything else.

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