Re: Blackstreet "No Diggity" Cover

beamer wrote:
M.B. wrote:

Thanks, Beamer. I really got a lot of great information from your answer! I see guitar players using these barre chords all the time, and I never understood why. I have been practicing "Creep" by Radiohead and it's defintely easier to play using power chords.

Once again your so welcome! Iit makes me feel good to know that while I have a huge black hole of theory knowledge,, the knowledge that I do know, is solid and has been of help to you. 
Do you play an electric or just the acoustic?  Power chords truely "come alive" on an electric.

Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner--I was having some trouble with my account. I play acoustic and I'm trying to develop the stength and control to use more barre chords than just  some of the more familiar, like  Bm, F#maj or Gm. I'm not getting ahead too much right now, cuz I've been working more on finger-picking patterns than fretting, but someday! My brother (the Big Brother, aka "The Musical Genius"--plays piano, drums, bass, acoustic and electric guitar, harmonica, cello, the banjo, and he sings) uses barre chords a lot, but he's got these beautiful long fingers, plus they're incredibly strong because he's a rock climber.