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I want to ask , Guitar accessories for beginners ? 

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Angela2801 Welcome  to Chordie and thank you for your post. To properly answer you, please let know what type guitar you play. As an example the type of polish , capo, and extra strings  all  depend on  the type  of instrument.     

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Welcome Angela. CG is right - the type of instrument you play determines what accessories you may need.  Regardless of the type, I feel a good tuner is absolutely necessary for a beginner. Always  having your guitar in tune makes playing more pleasurable and hastens the learning curve.     

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I'd agree that specific brands and types and sizes of accessories depend upon the type of guitar and style you're trying to play. But "extra strings" is universal. So here are some broad-based recommendations for accessories I think beginner players should be looking to acquire over time. The list is in no particular order.

Picks / plectrums.  Dunlop vinyl picks are good for beginners in any style but classical. Classical players usually use their fingers.
Clip-on tuner that uses vibration of the instrument. The most popular is probably the Snark tuner, but there is a wide variety.
Spare strings for whatever your guitar requires. Ask at the shop.
Good quality capo. Like a G7th or a Kyser.
String winder.     

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I'm just going to echo what the others have said:

1) Snark "Super Tight" tuner ( )
They're relatively inexpensive, and surprisingly accurate. It's usually a good idea to re-tune a guitar every time you sit down to play it ... they always wander a bit from being exact.

2) G7th "Performance 3" capo ( )
This is the one I wish I'd bought the first time, instead of trying to save few $$$ on several others that really didn't work that well. They're easy to use, and work very well.

3) Cat's Tongue Grip Brain picks (
Available at most music stores, these Czech-made picks have a sandpaper like texture on the end you hold, making them easy to hang on to. If you're a beginning guitarist, you may wish to start with a thinner gauge (.53 for example) and then move up in thickness as your confidence improves.

Everything else will be up to you, the style of music you like, how much cash you have to spend on "necessities" big_smile, and how much experimentation you want to do.     

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I'd add a metronome to the list of good accesories for beginners.     

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I would recommend a nice and simple metronome!     

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On the subject of picks/plectrums - and I've written about this before - : Later, after you've spent some time getting to know your instrument, you may want to consider getting some felt picks (used by bass players). In my opinion, they produce a "warm" or a softer sound on your acoustic's strings. I discovered this by accident when I couldn't find a normal pick to use on my acoustic 6 string and used the felt one instead.     

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hello, guys I'm also looking for information on accessories for Italian guitar, who has information write me... thank you.     

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