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I'll sometimes pop by and read through the posts, life has been busy and I rarely get to comment, but there has been a long and slow move away from the 'forum' based sites, and moving into 'social media' sites, (eg Facebook, Triller, Medium, etc) as they can interact with known friends on there. Soon social media sites will be in decline as the next generation of internet communications takes over ... … nd-beyond/

And 'hi' to everyone I haven't spoken to for a while!!



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Re: Chordie Thoughts.

For what its worth I pump the forum to everyone and try to hijack some meber from Guitar Zoom who I think would be great additions to us.  It has failed for some reason. One lady put one greeting post and that was it. Signed up SonBeam, he said he wanted to put stuff in here, but he has yet to post.  if its not snap chat or Instagram, he wont bother.
most kids dont even use FB anymore.
We lost our favorite Rose (the Irish lady) and i know why Amy no longer is here but that is what it is.     

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Re: Chordie Thoughts.

Although I registered several years ago, I never felt like I had much to contribute and seldom posted.  During this past COVID year I've posted more often on this  forum, but much like another site I've been a part of for years, this style of communication doesn't seem to appeal to the younger generation.     

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Re: Chordie Thoughts.

Neo, thank you for dropping in great to hear from you. It good to see you are now doing live performance I watched your recent one at the Merriwa Acoustic club on youtube.  That link you provide on your post here is very interesting. I hope what it was saying about social media dividing, compartmentalizing society doesn’t become an out-of-control monster. As the article stated social media becoming the opposite anti-social media. I find it very sad that young people here in NZ are becoming increasingly addicted to their smart mobile devices. They interact with their smartphones more than each other when out together. I guess in ten years people will be experiencing social media through virtual reality, such as augmented reality glasses. The lines between real life and social media will blur. And within that experience, we’ll be more inundated than ever with advertising-related intrusions. It can’t be good for people's mental health.

Phill, not only do I consider you a good friend the way you also share your magic talents and time with folk like me on chordie is very respected and an inspirational.   You are a  shinning light not only to me but also  the many others on here. I am not into many web sites I do have a facebook account which is there mainly for my young contacts but its not a regular thing with me though I did use it a lot when NZ was in lockdown for a while.

Beamer, I am sorry to hear we have lost Amy from chordie.  Like you I have tried to get people onto chordie but it hasn’t been for them. Interestingly when Easybeat introduced me to chordie about six years ago I initially thought this won't work for me. After a real short while I discovered a cool community of people that keeps me coming back. Full credit to Easybeat as he got me putting stuff on SoundCloud and YouTube. I actually only started fiddling around with music again after a break of thirty plus years when Eb brought me a guitar about six years back. Though I had played my Maree’s piano and sung badly sometimes for my family at functions. I am not trained in music so music theory is something that tends fly over my head. Thank you Eb and chordie for getting my creative music juices going. I got another couple of mates who push me along with music but so far, I haven’t been able to get them onto chordie.

Dirty Ed, your posts have always been interesting and of great value to me. You have a excellent way of getting me to think about music in different ways which I appreciate. It would be good if the younger generation could rediscover this style of communication.

It is a beautiful sunny Autumn Wednesday morning here time to head out into nature and the community I live in. I have enjoyed everyone's posts.