Re: Guilty Pleasures

Hi Clansman, you're right about that. I think the guy in the clip I linked to is playing in some open chord tuning but I found this and it sounds OK … la_crd.htm

I added it to the Chordie archive but it hasn't found it's way on to the index yet.

Is anything really made up of zeros and ones??

Re: Guilty Pleasures

Zurf wrote:

One of their Silly Songs With Larry is done by a group called New Kidz In the Sink...

That really is funny. There were a couple of boy bands that my daughter liked (New Kids in the Hood? and Insink?) and I could never get their names right, so I just call any boy band "New Kids in the Sink". I had no idea it was from the veggies.  Maybe I have more in common with Larry the Cucumber than I think? yikes

I've got to check these guys out, now.

...see what you've done.

Just play