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Tree Huggin' Litter Bugs
The Kneeling Liars
Plastic Bag Poppers
Elroy and The Drunk Fishermen
Bunny Rabbit Punters
Snot Rocket Mishap
The Drooling Scholars
Gus and The Gasoline Garglers
Hambone and The Lumpy Gravy Band
Brutis the Angry Ballerina

....just a few more possibilities to ponder..............

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OW I can't name my Band............. Band roll

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It would help if we knew more about the band . . . . like:
Where is it located?
Original stuff? or mostly "covers"?  Band's favorite songs?
Make up of the band?
Venues you expect to play?

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SouthPaw41L wrote:

Brutis the Angry Ballerina

Southpaw, you owe me some Windex and a paper towel to clean all this coffee off my screen.  If dude doesn't use that, I will!  And I don't even have a band. 

Along those same lines:

Toker the Clown

- Zurf

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on the last page of this topic (page #1) i thought about the name poplar heights but never really said y. its be cause that is a street name in my town and i just thought it sounded like a cool band name.

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How about Stretch and the Papas!!!!
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