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tubatooter1940 wrote:

I'll soon be 67. Started on tuba in high school. Played rhythm guitar, trumpet and trombone in bar bands for 24 years. Worked at the post office long enough to get a pension while playing a single guitar/vocal gig on weekends.
Now I play tuba in a beach music band. We sound like this:

It's hard to sing with the tuba.  I see why you changed over to guitar.

You can see all my video covers on [url][/url]
I have finally found happiness in my life.  Guitars, singing, beer and camping.  And they all intertwine wonderfully.

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14, been playing acoustic for just over 2 years, play a bit of electric too, mostly play rock, indie, and a lot of old rock (from 60's-ish time)


All I know is I feel better when I sing.
Burdens are lifted from me.
That's my voice rising.

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I'll be 63 come September, i started playing the Guitar a year ago come September.

I don't think I ever grew up even with Two Daughters and four Grandchildren.

I love Country, the real Country, I like Folk as well, and of course the Beatles; after all they
were my youth.

I may not get out of this World alive, but I'm going to hang on as long as I can.  Then they'll

have to drag me off fighting and shouting.  As we say in Belfast No Surrender!

Luck to all!!!

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hi i'm 54.5 like country,rock pop ,i don't know what you call it its not music to me all this boom boom boom stuff that you hear coming outa these sub woofers racing round town night after night,i'd sooner listen to classical or opera at least you can make sense of it,although thats not really my type of music,i think i've said enough....stay cool

love is life ,life is for love,keep a true heart and live life to the full....stay cool

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Hey I'm 14.... I play Classical, electric, and acoustic... I like Christian contemporary and rock...

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hey, when i was kid my cousins would  play SONGS by elton john, paul anka & some other artists on our stereo (full blast ).  but one particular song  scared the BLEEP out of me.    when i was in high school, i learned that that particular song was BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY by QUEEN.

put profound words here

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I am 61 and make a noise in my music room at home every once in a while we live on a farm in Philadelphia just outside  Cape Town. Iam self taught and like electric and acoustic -my fan base sadly consists only of my 8 dogs. Musically i listen to everything except trance house and rap - just not my cup of tea. One of the highlightes of my travels was going to the Bath festival in 1970 and seeing the most all time far out and groovy rock groups ever. Peter Green with John Mayall and Pink Floyd were incredible. Led Zep were the main act - so to the cat who says he shreds like Jimmy Page - Iwonder? Keep on rocking and remember that animals feel pain too.

Keep on Rocking and remember Animals Feel Pain Too.

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I'll be 63 this September 2008,  I've been playing about a year.   I play mostly Country, old
style Country, although I like some of the younger Country Stars, I feel that the big record
compines are only intrested in money and are moving the bar to much to the Pop Rock side,
and old time Country is dying out.  Merle Haggard who is singing better than ever had to self release his last CD through the Cracker Barrel chain of restarunts, in America.
Funny when you think of it Cracker Barrel Sponser The Grand Ole Opray, who are so stuck in their old ways they can't see the writing on the wall.  They made Garth Brooks a member, then his wife, yet many old time Country lovers think Garth Brooks killed country.
Sorry about the rant just had to get it out.

Luck to all.!!!