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I'm thinking of picking up an electric guitar, mostly to play blues, but I will still primarily be playing the classical guitar. Up until now I've played almost exclusively classical guitar, and naturally feel more comfortable finger-picking than using a pick. I was wondering if any of you manage to alternate between the instruments? Do you get passed the initial weirdness? I wouldn't want it to affect my classical guitar playing..?

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Hello, Robert ... and welcome to Chordie!

You question really got me thinking, because I play acoustic, electric, classical, and bass guitars. I just pick up whatever I'm in the mood to play, and don't really think about overlap. It's often a time of great creativity. There are some very good electric guitarists that play them with their fingers in a classical style ... Steve Hackett (formerly of Genesis) comes to mind. Here's a cool video of classical guitarist Tatyana Rhyzhkova (from Belorus) talking about what you mention:

Re: Both Classical and Electric Guitar?

Hi Robert. welcome to chordie. I don't see why you should find any difficulty switching from one to another, and if you don't like using a pick there are some great guitarists that play finger style; Mark Knopfler, Jeff Beck the list goes on. If you hit any snags just ask there are lots of people here that are willing and able to give (and receive) advice and help.

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The only thing I might add,
just remember the electric pics up and reacts to the amount of force on the string, and sustains much more(depending on amp settings ect)  just start playing, turn it up and experiment. don't be afraid of distortion and modulating effects, its a fun rabbit hole! 

Check out Jeff Beck, Malmanstiene and a few others.
Heres a guy doing some stuff

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