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Hey Guitarists,

I want to buy an electric guitar. Can you guys please suggest me which is the best one to buy??

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watch this video

my advice is to go to your fave guitar shop and play some... the one that speaks to you - that's the one!!  smile

I am sure many others onhere will give you some great advice on the intricacies of that first purchase however.

Good luck
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Try  a basic Yamaha Pacifica great value  for money far better than cheap epiphones and squiers I often play mine in preference to the three Fenders I have..

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Good advice already given, although I have a couple of Epiphones and like them a lot. (sorry, Graham big_smile) If you walk into a trusted local shop, tell them what your budget is, and ask for recommendations, they'll usually try to help you find the best fit for the price. How it fits your hands is a very important point to focus on. Lots of things can be changed (pickups, type of amp, type of strings, etc.) but the shape of the guitar really can't.

All the best, and welcome to Chordie!

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My suggestions are to buy any one of these Gibson SG, Fender Telecaster, and Gibson Explorer they are a lil bit expensive in shops, but my brother customized Fender Telecaster from GeekBuying Coupons I hope you will also find there it is your luck.     

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I agree with Lisajohny9878 suggestions but in case you need cheaper options, try Epiphone, Gibson's second brand, or Squier, Fender's second brand.     

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