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Hi all,

I almost never work with fretboards, so I'm not quite sure what I'm doing. But, I've created a document with one staff that I've designated as a Ukulele track. As I'm putting in the chords (C, F, Fm, etc.), the chords themselves are right, but the Uke fretboard image is displaying fingering that is a perfect fourth above said chord. In other words, I type in a "C", but the fretboard shows the fingering for an F. I type in an F, but the fretboard displays the fingering for a B-flat.

Not sure why it's doing this, nor how to get it to display correctly. This is probably a simple fix, but because I don't usually work with fretboards, it's all new to me. smile

Thanks in advance for your help!

Re: Uke fretboard transposed up a fourth

Good question, Clifton ... I don't play ukulele, but there are several Chordie Forum participants who do. Hopefully one of them will see your post and answer your question.     

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Re: Uke fretboard transposed up a fourth

In your song book - choose your song, then make sure you change the choice on the right hand side from Guitar tuning to UKE tuning

It will change the fret board from 6 strings to 4 when you do so.

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Re: Uke fretboard transposed up a fourth

The software is correct in what it's displaying.  What I play as a G, to a guitarist is fretted like your "D" (only the first 4 strings, of course).  "C" is found at the guitar's "G" position.
The ukulele does indeed use the guitarist's fretting for "F", at the Bb position. And, ukulele players use a guitar's "C", in playing your F chord.

So, the ukulele is fretted 5 intervals up from the guitar!

If you wish, purchase a baritone ukulele.  A bit larger than the tenor uke, it is tuned like the first 4 strings of the guitar, (DGBE) but sounds like a slightly lowered ukulele.

Re: Uke fretboard transposed up a fourth

I've recently started a new job and I'd like to purchase a ukulele to keep in my office. I may bring it to the occasional open mic night up the street. I love my Cordoba 20TM-CE but I don't want to keep it at work. I'm looking for a good quality soprano ukulele under $120 or so...I'm willing to budge on price so long as the quality is substantially better. I know this topic has been discussed to death, but I appreciate any and all input! Thanks.     

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Re: Uke fretboard transposed up a fourth

If you like Cordoba than buy one in a basic model that you would not mind if you llegt it at the  office. Even their lowest price basic model would feel more similar to you.  If you want a good one for a lower price than Alvarez makes one that also gets good reviews  and here is just one link: … ductDetail

Still I would stay with a Cordoba and s shop for a more basic model.

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