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Alkaline Trio

All on Black (2 versions)
Another Innocent Girl (3 versions)
Armageddon (2 versions)
As You Were (3 versions)
Blue Carolina (11 versions)
Blue in the Face (8 versions)
Burn (4 versions)
Calling All Skeletons (7 versions)
Clavicle (5 versions)
Continental (4 versions)
Cop (2 versions)
Crawl (4 versions)
Cringe (2 versions)
Dead on the Floor (4 versions)
Dine, Dine My Darling (4 versions)
Donner Party (All Night)
Draculina (2 versions)
Eating Me Alive (2 versions)
Emma (5 versions)
Enjoy Your Day (2 versions)
Every Thug Needs a Lady (3 versions)
Fall Victim (5 versions)
Fatally Yours (2 versions)
Fine (4 versions)
Fuck You Aurora (3 versions)
Hell Yes (5 versions)
Help Me (5 versions)
I Found Away (2 versions)
I Held Her in My Arms (2 versions)
I Remember a Rooftop (5 versions)
I Wanna Be a Warhol (9 versions)
I Was a Prayer (2 versions)
I, Pessimist (2 versions)
I'€™m Only Here to Disappoint (2 versions)
If We Never Go Inside (2 versions)
If You Had a Bad Time... (3 versions)
In Vein (4 versions)
Into the Night (2 versions)
Keep '€™Em Coming (2 versions)
Kiss You to Death (2 versions)
Lead Poisoning (6 versions)
Live Young, Die Fast (5 versions)
Lost and Rendered (3 versions)
Madam Me
Maybe I'€™ll Catch Fire (4 versions)
Mercy Me (10 versions)
Midnight Blue (2 versions)
Mr. Chainsaw (9 versions)
My Little Needle (2 versions)
Nose Over Tail (2 versions)
Off the Map (2 versions)
Old School Reasons
Olde English 800 (2 versions)
One Hundred Stories
One Last Dance (2 versions)
Only Love (7 versions)
Over and Out (5 versions)
Piss and Vinegar (4 versions)
Private Eye (3 versions)
Radio (3 versions)
Ruin It (2 versions)
Sadie (8 versions)
San Francisco (4 versions)
Settle for Satin (4 versions)
She Lied to the FBI (4 versions)
She Took Him to the Lake (4 versions)
Smoke (2 versions)
Sorry About That (4 versions)
Steamer Trunk (2 versions)
Stupid Kid (2 versions)
The American Scream (2 versions)
The Poison
The Temptation of St. Anthony (2 versions)
The Torture Doctor (2 versions)
This Addiction (5 versions)
This Could Be Love (6 versions)
Time to Waste (7 versions)
Trucks and Trains (3 versions)
Until Death Do Us Part (2 versions)
We'€™ve Had Enough (3 versions)
You'€™re Dead (3 versions)
You'€™ve Got So Far to Go (4 versions)
Your Neck (4 versions)

Alkaline Trio is an American rock band from McHenry, Illinois. The band consists of guitarist and lead vocalist Matt Skiba, bassist and co-vocalist Dan Andriano, and drummer Derek Grant. Founded in late 1996 by Skiba, bassist Rob Doran, and drummer Glenn Porter, Alkaline Trio released its debut single, "Sundials", in 1997. Following its release, Doran departed from the band and was replaced by Andriano. The band subsequently recorded an EP, For Your Lungs Only (1998), and its debut studio album, Goddamnit (1998). Following the release of the band’s second album, Maybe I’ll Catch Fire (2000), Porter left the band and was replaced by Mike Felumlee for its subsequent album, From Here to Infirmary (2001).

Backed by the singles "Stupid Kid" and "Private Eye", From Here to Infirmary significantly increased the band’s exposure, and its follow-up, Good Mourning (2003), charted highly on the Billboard 200. Good Mourning marked the recording debut of current drummer Derek Grant. In 2005, the band released Crimson which expanded upon the band’s punk rock influences, with prominent overdubs and additional instrumentation, and continued with this direction on Agony & Irony (2008), which was released on Epic Records.

In 2010, the band released This Addiction on its own label Heart & Skull and Epitaph. Recorded in the band’s home town of Chicago, with early producer Matt Allison, the album was a conscious effort by the band to return to their punk rock roots; it became the highest charting album of their career, debuting on the Billboard 200 at No. 11. In 2011, the band celebrated its 15-year anniversary with the release of Damnesia, which featured new, acoustic-based recordings of songs from across the band’s career. The band’s eighth studio album, My Shame Is True, was released on April 2, 2013.

Their ninth album, Is This Thing Cursed? was released on August 31, 2018.