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Big Fat Snake

Midnight Mission

Midnight Mission (1995)

Fight for Your Love

Fight for Your Love (1996)


Flames (1997)

Play It By Ear

Play It By Ear (2002)

More Fire

More Fire (2004)

Big Fat Snake is a Danish pop/rock music group that was founded in 1990.

Peter Viskinde and Anders Blichfeldt first met in 1988 for the recording of a demo tape for the band "The Werners" that later changed name to "Verners Verdensorkester" ("Verner’s World Orchestra"). The band soon fell apart due to lack of audience. They later formed a new band named after the lyrics of the Bob Dylan song "Wiggle Wiggle" and released their first album "Big Fat Snake" in 1991. Throughout the 90s, they released several records and built up a devoted audience in Denmark.

In 1997, the band’s original bass player, Jacob Perbøll, quit the band and was replaced by Asger Steenholdt. In 2003 they recorded a live album, "One Night Of Sin", together with the original Elvis Presley TCB Band and The Sweet Inspirations.

On 3 March 2009, it was announced that Peter Viskinde had left the band due to disagreements with the other bands members; in particular, lead singer Anders Blichfeldt. Viskinde then released the album Reel 1 under the Big Fat Snake name, claiming he owned the rights to it. A period of media war ensued, during which there existed two bands with the name. On 16 June 2009, the band name was given to the original band members in an out-of-court settlement, where Viskinde agreed to use another name for his new band. He chose the name Sheriff.