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Big Drill Car

CD Type Thing

CD Type Thing (1989)

No Worse for the Wear

No Worse for the Wear (1994)

Big Drill Car is a punk rock group from Costa Mesa, California, formed in 1987. While the group never gained a mainstream audience, they provided an influence on their contemporaries – most notably ALL, Chemical People and Dag Nasty – alongside they are considered early pioneers of melodic hardcore.

Big Drill Car released an EP, Small Block, in 1988 before being signed to Cruz Records (owned by former Black Flag guitarist Greg Ginn) and releasing two studio albums. The band eventually parted ways with that label and signed to Headhunter Records, who released No Worse for the Wear, the band’s last album to date.

Big Drill Car broke up in 1995, but reunited for a one-off series of shows in 2008 and 2009, with the classic original lineup. The band reunited with this lineup again in 2016, and they have continued playing shows sporadically since then.