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Billy Talent

Afraid of Heights (2 versions)
Burn the Evidence (8 versions)
Covered in Cowardice (6 versions)
Crooked Minds (3 versions)
Cure for the Enemy (3 versions)
Cut the Curtains (2 versions)
Dead Silence (3 versions)
Definition of Destiny (2 versions)
Devil in a Midnight Mass (4 versions)
Devil on My Shoulder (4 versions)
Diamond on a Landmine (5 versions)
Don'€™t Count on the Wicked (4 versions)
Fallen Leaves (13 versions)
February Winds
Hanging by a Thread (6 versions)
Leave Them All Behind
Lies (2 versions)
Line & Sinker (3 versions)
Living in the Shadows (5 versions)
Lonely Road to Absolution (2 versions)
Louder Than the DJ
Love Was Still Around (4 versions)
Man Alive! (3 versions)
Nothing to Lose (6 versions)
Perfect World (5 versions)
Pins and Needles (4 versions)
Pocketful of Dreams (2 versions)
Prisoners of Today (4 versions)
Rabbit Down the Hole
Red Flag (4 versions)
River Below (3 versions)
Runnin'€™ Across the Tracks (2 versions)
Rusted From the Rain (6 versions)
Saint Veronika (5 versions)
Show Me the Way (4 versions)
Stand Up and Run (3 versions)
Standing in the Rain (5 versions)
Sudden Movements (3 versions)
Surprise Surprise (4 versions)
Surrender (12 versions)
Swallowed Up by the Ocean (4 versions)
Sympathy (6 versions)
Tears Into Wine (9 versions)
The Crutch
The Dead Can'€™t Testify (3 versions)
The Ex (6 versions)
The Navy Song (2 versions)
This Is How It Goes (3 versions)
This Is Our War (2 versions)
This Suffering (11 versions)
Try Honesty (9 versions)
Viking Death March (3 versions)
Voices of Violence (3 versions)
Where Is the Line? (3 versions)
White Sparrows (11 versions)
Worker Bees (3 versions)

Billy Talent is a Canadian rock band from Mississauga, Ontario. They formed in 1993 with lead vocalist Benjamin Kowalewicz, guitarist Ian D’Sa, bassist Jon Gallant, and drummer Aaron Solowoniuk. There have been no lineup changes, although Aaron is currently taking a hiatus from the band due to an MS relapse, and Jordan Hastings from Alexisonfire, Cunter, and Say Yes is currently filling in for him. In the 25 years since their inception, Billy Talent sold well over one million albums in Canada alone and nearly 3 million albums internationally.

The band existed for almost a decade before mainstream success. The members met and played in Our Lady of Mount Carmel Secondary School under the name Pezz and remained underground in Toronto’s indie music scene until 2001. The band renamed itself Billy Talent after running into legal trouble with the old name. It was then that Kowalewicz’s connection with an employee of Warner Music Canada’s A&R department landed the band a record deal and launched them into mainstream success. Since then, Billy Talent has made three multi-platinum records in Canada and continues to expand their success overseas; this included touring for 20 months supporting their second album. They released their third album, Billy Talent III, on July 14, 2009, and their fourth album, Dead Silence, on September 4, 2012. Dead Silence was followed up by a full UK tour throughout October and November 2012. To commemorate the longevity since the release of their first studio album, the band has released a greatest hits album entitled Hits on November 4, 2014. In 2015, they began to prepare material for their fifth studio album. Just before entering the studio, drummer Aaron Solowoniuk decided to sit out the recording sessions while he continued his longstanding battle with multiple sclerosis. Fellow Canadian Jordan Hastings was quickly recruited to play as Solowoniuk’s studio stand-in, and, in early 2016, the group completed work on Afraid of Heights, which was released that July.