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Cowboy Junkies

200 More Miles (3 versions)
A Horse in the Country (9 versions)
Angel Mine (6 versions)
Anniversary Song (6 versions)
'€™Cause Cheap Is How I Feel
Bread and Wine (2 versions)
Cause Cheap is How I Feel (2 versions)
Close My Eyes (2 versions)
Cold Tea Blues (2 versions)
Cowboy Junkies Lament (2 versions)
Crescent Moon (2 versions)
Escape Is So Simple (2 versions)
He Will Call You Baby (2 versions)
Hold on to Me (3 versions)
Hollow as a Bone (2 versions)
I'€™m So Lonesome I Could Cry
Just Want to See
Lay It Down (3 versions)
Lonely Sinking Feeling (2 versions)
Miles From Our Home (2 versions)
Misguided Angel (9 versions)
Murder Tonight, In the Trailer Park (2 versions)
Musical Key (3 versions)
My Wild Child (4 versions)
No Long Journey Home (2 versions)
One Soul Now (2 versions)
Oregon Hill (5 versions)
Pale Sun (2 versions)
Powderfinger (2 versions)
Renmin Park (3 versions)
Ring on the Sill (3 versions)
Simon Keeper (4 versions)
Small Swift Birds (2 versions)
Something More Besides You (2 versions)
Southern Rain (6 versions)
Sun Comes Up, It'€™s Tuesday Morning (2 versions)
Sweet Jane (9 versions)
The Last Spike (3 versions)
The Slide (2 versions)
Thirty Summers (2 versions)
This Street, That Man, This Life (3 versions)
Those Final Feet (4 versions)
Thousand Year Prayer (2 versions)
To Live Is to Fly (6 versions)
To Love Is to Bury (7 versions)
Walking After Midnight (2 versions)
When We Arrive
Where Are You Tonight (4 versions)
Witches (2 versions)